29.0 Player Movement & Rules – U16/U18 AA-A & BB-B (Non-Body Checking), Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print29.0 Player Movement & Rules – U16/U18 AA-A & BB-B (Non-Body Checking)

Consistent with Regulation 19.0, the goal is to provide more opportunity for player movement and choice when a participant is in their final years of minor hockey.  When movement does occur, additional paperwork is not required, thus eliminating extra work for the volunteer.

High School Hockey Participation:
Participation in both representative hockey and high school hockey is permitted.

The maximum number of participants is 19: 2 Goaltenders and 17 skaters.

Player Movement for the 2023-24 Season - U16/U18 AA-A & BB-B (Non-Body Checking:
•  If ALLIANCE Hockey Member Associations do not field a U16/U18 AA-A and/or BB-B team(s) for the current season, those Member Association residents are eligible to participate for any other ALLIANCE Hockey Member Association team (where a team is offered) – this is referred to as ‘Player Movement’.
•  Player Movement is permitted for Associations who do not field a U16/U18 AA-A and/or BB-B team(s) and for participants who tried out in their Home Centre and were released.
•  Residents must participate in their Home Association if their Home Association does field a team(s) at the respective categories of a U16/U18 AA-A and/or BB-B.  In the event that a Member Association team folds (i.e. due to lack of players), only players who tried out are eligible to participate in tryouts with another ALLIANCE Hockey Member Association.  Players who did not attend tryouts may not tryout with another ALLIANCE Hockey Member Association.

•  Participants have the option to affiliate with either a team from their Home Association or with a team from the Association they have moved to.
Example: A Kitchener resident who is playing with Waterloo, may affiliate to either a Kitchener or Waterloo team.
•  A player is only permitted to participate as an affiliated player with one minor hockey team of a higher division or category  during the playing season.  Prior to participation as an affiliated player, the player's name must appear on the team’s electronic roster filed within the Branch.  If a player is released off an affiliated player list, they cannot be assigned to another one in the same season.  (Affiliation 20.0.2)
•  All other normal Affiliation rules apply.  Participants are responsible to their rostered team for all scheduled games and practices.  When a conflict does not exist, a participant must be allowed to affiliate. 

Player Eligibility for the 2024-25 Season:
•  Upon conclusion of the 2023-24 season, 2007 and 2006 birth-year players must return to their Home Association whereby the OHF U18AAA Freedom of Movement rules will apply. 
•  The U16/U18 AA-A and BB-B Player Movement is not subject to an F1 Form Waiver and therefore, the participant is not eligible to participate with that Association’s U18 AAA team prior to the date for Freedom of Movement. 
•  A U16/U18 AA-A/BB-B  player who participated with an ALLIANCE Hockey Association other than their Home Association, will have the option to attend AA-A and/or BB-B tryouts in their Home Association OR in the Association that they participated with during the previous season.