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The Documents below provide an overview of the NCCP program as well as requirements for coaches and team officials:

Additional Notes

  • All ALLIANCE Hockey coaching qualifications moving forward (Trained & Certified) will carry an expiry of August 31, 2020
  • Hockey Canada has not yet updated the HCR or eHockey profiles to show coaches with ‘Certified’ status. All coaches are currently showing as ‘Trained’. They are finalizing the transfer of status between the ‘The Locker’ (CAC) and the HCR
  • All coaching qualifications are essentially getting a new start-date to their qualifications, coaches should not be under any pressure to get their qualifications renewed.
  • Development 2 is not considered a ‘certification’ by Hockey Canada or the CAC. These coaches will show as D1 ‘Certified’. 


NCCP for Hockey – Coach Education Programs 
Hockey Canada’s National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) is a competency-based program. The program enables coaches to build their coaching tools and knowledge of the game, so they can work effectively with their players.

Coaches enter into a ‘stream’ of coaching by taking part in clinics that are relative to the athletes that they are working with.  Below are suggested entries for Coaches. 

Community Coach Stream:

COACH 1 - Intro Coach
• working with entry level players

COACH 2 - Coach Level
• working with community and recreational teams, i.e. Novice, Atom

Competition Introduction Stream:
Development 1
• working with provincial and regional teams, i.e. Peewee rep

Competition Development Stream:
High Performance 1
• working with national and international teams, i.e. Bantam AAA, Midget AAA, University

Within the Hockey Canada structure the Community Coach Stream and Competition Introduction Stream are delivered at the provincial level, i.e. ALLIANCE Hockey.  Competition Development Streams are delivered by Branches in conjunction with Hockey Canada and/or through Hockey Canada.

The following three charts detail the three main streams of hockey that athletes move through in their development. The new NCCP model attempts to mirror this athlete model with the coaching development model to ensure that coaches are being educated with the necessary tools to meet the athlete’s needs.


To know what course is right for you, please contact your local Association as they will be able to direct you to those courses that match their requirements for Coaches.

Clinic Summaries:

Community Coach (Coach 1 – Intro to Coach & Coach 2 – Coach Level) 
Community Coach Clinic focuses on getting your players moving in the right direction and enjoying themselves while being introduce to the game of hockey. You will learn the fundamentals of being a positive role model towards your athletes.

 Upon completing the Clinic you will be trained to:

  • Use Hockey Canada resources to plan on/off-ice activities
  • Communicate effectively with players, parents, officials and league administrators
  • Encourage participants and work within fair play guild lines
  • Conduct safe, effective and age appropriate on-ice practice drills
  • Apply an ethical decision making process 

Clinic Structure
Community Coach Clinic is delivered in two parts. (A participants must first register for the clinic through the ALLIANCE Hockey Clinic Listing Page)

Part A: the participant completes the 4 hour hockey university (HU*) online component – a link to the online component will be provided upon registration
Part B: the in-person clinic which includes 4 hours in-class and 2 hours on-ice

Evaluation & Certification         
Upon completion of this clinic you will be considered ‘Trained’. To receive Community Sport – ‘Certified’ status you will need to complete the clinic Post-Task assignment, the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) – Community Sport Online Evaluation.

Development 1
The Development 1 Clinic is designed for coaches working with players that are engaged in competitive levels of hockey. Learn to motivate and lead your athletes as they movie into a competitive environment. Build age-appropriate and competition specific practice plans while you give your players a solid understanding of the skills and strategies they need to compete. You will also learn to analyze your player’s abilities to ensure that they’re equipped, both mentally and physically, for a more intense level of play.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completing this clinic you will be trained to:

  • Plan and design a practice session
  • Analyze your athletes performance
  • Develop skill-specific programs
  • Coach a competition-oriented practice
  • Coach in a competitive situation

Clinic Structure
This is a 16-hour in-class clinic, hosted over 2 days with on-ice session.

Evaluation & Certification
After completing this clinic you will be considered ‘Trained’. To become Development 1 – ‘certified’ you need to complete the Clinic Post-Task assignment, Making Ethical Decision (MED) Comp Intro online evaluation. 

High Performance 1    
The High Performance 1 Coaching Program is an enriched development experience for coaches, which features in-class sessions, a written assignment and a field evaluation. The in-class seminar will provide an exceptional opportunity for coaches to learn as it will feature outstanding presenters who have vast experience within high performance coaching environments. Following the in-class portion, coaches will further their development by completing, and receiving feedback on, a written assignment with support from a mentor. Participants will then be provided with an incredible opportunity for growth as a Hockey Canada trained evaluator will observe a practice and game and conduct interviews on the ice sessions and the coach’s overall program.
Throughout the process, coaches will be provided information and tasks which challenge them with the ultimate goal of furthering key skills including critical thinking, problem solving, interacting, valuing and leadership.

HP1 Links:
Hockey Canada Promo Video for High Performance 1

Certification Process
The following illustrates the generic pathways that a Coach would follow in the Revised NCCP for Hockey:


‘The Locker’ – Accessing the CAC Database

  • Professional Development points will be tracked on the coach’s transcript in ‘The Locker’ which is the Coaching Association of Canada’s online database –
  • Coaches can create a log-in and access their Profile and Transcript online
  • The Locker will track your Professional Development points and will update the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Profile when ‘Certified’ status is renewed.
  • For direction on how to access ‘The Locker’. Review the How to Log In to ‘The Locker’ –CAC Information document How to log into the Locker


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