Rules, ALLIANCE Hockey U7 Festival, 2023 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

This Tournament is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.

The objective of the Festival is FUN!

The U7 Festival welcomes players of all skill levels – however it should be noted that this is NOT a Select Tournament. 
Participating teams should be comprised of players of varying skills levels. 

  • Rosters & Travel Permits - SANCTION #: 23-041
    - Player rosters & travel permits must be submitted in advance of the Festival
    - Please upload rosters and travel permits HERE
    - In order to maximize participation, we encourage Associations to send a team comprised of 9 skaters and 1 goalie (3 lines of 3 skaters).
    - You will be permitted to send Alternate Players (AP’s) – the only stipulation is that all of your participating players must be on a House League roster within your Association. 
    - Therefore, it is NOT MANDATORY that all players play on the same House League team.  You are permitted to combine players from 2 or more teams – however, once again – this is NOT a Select Tournament.

Every participant receives a participation medal and gift.

Festival Rules & Game Format
 ** Rules/game format may be subject to change – any revisions will be communicated to all teams in advance**

• Games will be scaled to Cross-Ice format.
• Nets will be age/size appropriate (3’ x 4’).
• The ice will be divided into 3 zones – Rink 1, Neutral Zone and Rink 2.
• Two games will be played simultaneously on Rink 1 and Rink 2. 
• 3 on 3 will be the playing format.
• The Neutral Zone will be used as a primary bench area – for the next line waiting to take to the ice. 
• The arena benches will also be used as a secondary bench for the 3rd line.
• There will be a 2-minute warm up to start each game.
• Period lengths will be 2 x 18 minutes – with a buzzer sounding every 2-minutes to denote a line change.
• Each game will be officiated by a referee.
• There will be no penalties called – however, the referee at their discretion will whistle down play and take away puck possession from infracting team.
• Face off to start each shift and after each goal scored.
• No scores will be posted, no game results tracked and no standings kept.
• There will be a 2-minute break in between the two periods.
• Blue 4oz pucks will be used.


• Assuming each team has 3 lines plus 1 goalie – the first shift, line 1 is playing, line 2 is ready in the neutral zone and line 3 is on the arena bench.
• 2 minute horn sounds – the lines rotate.  The line playing moves to the arena bench, the line in the neutral zone takes to the rink and is playing, and the line previously on the bench will now be in the neutral zone.  This rotation is to help facilitate line changes quickly.

Coaches are asked to form 3 lines of equal caliber.