Rules, ALLIANCE Hockey U18-NBC Championships, 2023 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

This Tournament is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.

2023 ALLIANCE Hockey U18-NBC Championships - April 14-16, 2023 London


  • All games will be played by official ALLIANCE Hockey rules except when provided elsewhere as per the Championship guidelines.
  • Teams will be required to begin play up to fifteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled game time, other than first game.
  • In the Championship game, the team who finished higher in the round-robin series will be the Home team.
  • Time-outs will be permitted in the Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Championship Games not in round robin games.
  • 4-Official system for the Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Championship Games

Team Check-In:

  • Approved Rosters and Travel Permits are required for ALL teams.
  • Team officials must check-in at the Bostwick Tournament Office at least one hour prior to their first game.
  • Team Packages/Player gifts will be provided upon check-in prior to your first game.


  • If a player or team official is ordered to the dressing room for the balance of a game, further disciplinary action may be deemed necessary by the Championship Host Governing Committee.
  • In all cases, the Ontario Hockey Federation Minimum Suspension Guidelines for Minor Hockey, as approved by the Ontario Hockey Federation Board of Directors for the current season, shall be used as a guideline.
  • The Championship Host Governing Committee shall rule on all Match Penalties assessed during any game of the Championship series.
  • Any player or team official under suspension in regular season play is not eligible to participate in any game of the Championship Series until the required number of games has been served.
  • In the event the Championship Host Governing Committee holds a meeting to review a matter of discipline, the Committee shall adhere to the guidelines approved by the ALLIANCE Hockey for such matters (Protests 9.6)
  • There shall be no protest on a referee’s discretionary penalty call.
  • There shall be no protest on the outcome of the Championship game.
  • Fighting will result in an automatic ejection from the Championships.


ALLIANCE Hockey Tie Breaking Rule 7.0

1.7 Tie-Breaker Round Robin

• Ties in round robin games will remain a tie with each team earning one point.

• In the event of a tie at the end of the round robin series, for any position, ALLIANCE Hockey Policy 7.0: Tie-Breaker procedure will be used to break the tie. If the
procedure reaches 7.1.4, penalty minutes from the Championship event would be calculated to break a tie.

In addition to ALLIANCE Hockey Rule 7.0 the following rules apply to the Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Championship games;

Overtime Rule:
At the completion of regulation time where the game is tied, a 5 on 5, one 10-minute sudden victory overtime period will be played. 

Shoot-Out Rule:
In the event the game is still tied at the conclusion of the overtime period, the teams will commence a 3-person shoot out. In the event the game is still tied after the 3-person shoot out, each team will continue to shoot, one shooter at a time until one team gains the victory. All players must shoot prior to going back to your first shooter.

Game Lengths:


Round Robin


Semi-Finals, Finals





·       No Overtime in Round Robin.

·       Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals will have Overtime/Shoot Out as outlined above.

·       No floods in Round Robin.

·       Floods in Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals and Finals.

Division Structure:

U18 NBC - BB Tier 1:
-(6) teams split into two groups of 3; Group A and Group B.
-Round Robin: Three teams in Group A will play each team in Group B. No OT.

-Quarter-Finals, includes OT:
            -Top seed in both Group A and Group B receives a bye to the Semi-Finals.
            -Quarter-Final #1: Group A 2nd Seed vs Group A 3rd Seed           
            -Quarter-Final #2: Group B 2nd Seed vs Group B 3rd Seed

            -includes flood and OT
            -Semi-Final #1: Group A 1st Seed bye vs Winner Quarterfinal #1
            -Semi-Final #2: Group B 1st Seed bye vs Winner Quarterfinal #2

            -includes flood and OT
            -Semi-Final #1 Winner vs Semi-Final #2 Winner

U18 NBC - B Tier 2:
-(5) teams
-Round Robin: all teams play each other. No OT.

            -includes flood and OT
            -Semi-Final #1: 1st Seed vs 4th Seed
            -Semi-Final #2: 2nd Seed vs 3rd Seed

           -includes flood and OT
            -Semi-Final #1 Winner vs Semi-Final #2 Winner