Rules & Regulations, ALLIANCE Hockey U10 & U11 AAA Championships, 2023 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

This Tournament is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
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1.1 Game Schedule Notes

a.       All games will be played under official Hockey Canada Rules except as provided elsewhere in these regulations.

b.       Game durations as indicated  U11: 10-15-B-15,  U10: 10-10-B-15

c.       Pre-game warm up will be three (3) minutes (or as per Host ice capabilities). The time shall be shown on the official game clock and
    will commence at the sound of the buzzer, as instructed by the referee.

d.       There will be one (1) 30 second timeout per team permitted in each game.

e.       Round robin format will be played on Day 1 and Day 2 (exceptions where necessary i.e. accommodate facility, etc.).

f.        Semi-Final and Championship Games will be played on Day 3 (exceptions where necessary i.e. accommodate facility, etc.).

g.       Upon conclusion of each game, teams shall shake hands

h.       Flooding the ice in regulation and overtime will be as per the Host’s Guidelines.

i.        In the Championship game, the team who finished higher in the round robin series shall be listed as the home team.

j.        The total points obtained in Round Robin play (2 Points for a Win, 1 Point for a tie, 0 points for a loss). All Round Robin games that
     finish regulation in a tie will remain in a tie. No overtime in Round Robin series.


  • Refer to 1.8 Tie-Breaker – QF, Semi-Final, Final

1.2 Player Rosters

  • The maximum number of players allowed to dress for each game is 19 (nineteen), including 2 (two) goalies. 

  • Teams must provide an approved Hockey Canada roster with any approved Affiliated Players prior to the start of the Event.

  • Teams shall arrive at the arena one (1) hour prior to the official starting time of the game or as directed by the Event.

  • One official from each competing team is to report to the designated Championship Office at the arena one (1) hour prior to game time to confirm the game sheet.  Teams can view game sheets at following each game.

  • Any team found with ineligible players participating in a game will be disqualified from the event.

  • Note: Games won by a disqualified team will be recorded as a win for the opposing team at a score of 1–0.

1.3 Team Composition

  • The following pro-active measures have been implemented as we are still dealing with COVID and the reality of possible infection during Championship Events:

·        Teams are required to meet the following minimum composition standards:

o   U15 and above: 10 skaters + 1 goaltender (refers to rostered players).

o   U9 through U14: 9 skaters + 1 goaltender (refers to rostered Players).

If a team(s) are at the arena and the numbers outlined above cannot be met (i.e. injuries/suspensions occur during game), the Hockey Canada Rule of 6 players constitutes a game is implemented: Section #2, Teams, Situation 3 (page 13).

SITUATION 7 Rule 2.5 (d) Where a team is unable to place the exact number of players on the ice to which they are entitled whether due to penalties or injuries, the Referee shall suspend the game and report this incident to the President. ALLIANCE Hockey rules state that 30 minutes constitutes a game. (page 18)

Hockey Canada Rule 10.14 Refusing to Start Play
The penalty for refusing to Start Play is severe and may result in a 1-year suspension. Every effort needs to be taken to avoid Refusal to Start Play coaches on both teams must work with the officials to avoid unsafe play. A decision to stop play must be agreed upon by all parties. If such a decision is made, teams should utilize the ice and provide opportunity for participants to play in a controlled environment that is safe and provides quality player experience for both teams, suggestion even up teams and continue to play.

  • If a team is unable to compete, the game shall be recorded as a win for the opposing team at a score of 1–0.

1.4 Jerseys

  • All teams shall bring two sets of uniforms.  

  • The VISITING team will wear LIGHT jerseys and the HOME team will wear DARK jerseys.

1.5 Discipline

  • If a player or team official is ordered to the dressing room for the balance of the game, such person shall be subject to further disciplinary action deemed necessary by the Event Governing Committee.

  • In all cases, the OHF Minimum Suspension List for Minor Hockey, as approved by the OHF Board of Directors, shall be used.

  • The Event Governing Committee shall rule on all Match Penalties assessed during any game of the Championship series.

  • Any player or team official under suspension shall not be eligible to participate in any game of the Championship until the suspension has been served.

  • Player suspensions for various infractions will be administered as per OHF/ALLIANCE Hockey rules. 

  • Any team permitting a player to participate in a game when the player is suspended or ineligible, will automatically forfeit the game 1-0.  

  • It is team official’s responsibility to check game sheet at after each game and list suspended players on electronic game sheet prior to each game.

1.6 Protests / Appeals

  • There are no appeals. All decisions of the Event Governing Committee and referee(s) are final.

  • There shall be no protest on referee penalty calls.

  • There shall be no protest on the outcome of a Championship Game.

1.7 Tie-Breaker Round Robin

  • Ties in round robin games will remain a tie with each team earning one point.

  • In the event of a tie at the end of the round robin series, for any position, ALLIANCE Hockey Policy 7.0: Tie-Breaker procedure will be used to break the tie.  If the procedure reaches 7.1.4, penalty minutes from the Championship event would be calculated to break a tie.

1.8 Tie-Breaker – QF, Semi-Final, Final

  • As per Hockey Canada playing rules, if at the end of regulation time the score is tied, the teams shall take a two-minute rest at their benches and the following shall then apply:

    • If the referee feels it is necessary, they may order the ice to be cleaned at the end of the three regulation periods.
    • The teams shall not change ends.
    • The puck shall be faced off at center ice and the play shall continue with a ten-minute sudden victory overtime period.
    • If the score is still tied after the first ten-minute sudden victory period, the teams would take the normal between period break and return to play a second sudden victory ten-minute overtime period.
    • Teams are to change ends at the end of each overtime period.
    • Any overtime period shall be considered part of the game and all unexpired penalties shall remain in force.
    • If either team declines to play in the necessary overtime period or periods, the game shall be declared a loss for that team.
    • If after two 10-minute sudden victory overtime periods the game is still undecided, the teams will commence a 3-player shoot out. The Home Team shall have the option of shooting first or second. In the event the game is still tied after the 3-player shoot out, each team will continue to shoot, one shooter at a time until one team gains the victory. Teams must use all players before repeating shooters.
    • The Event Governing Committee shall have the prerogative to render a decision under any emergency situation.

1.9 Tailgating

  • The consumption of alcohol in non-licensed public areas such as arena parking lots is illegal. If Arena staff observe this or receive complaints that it is occurring, they will call the police immediately. Teams who have parents that are found violating this policy may find their team removed from the event.

5.0  Responsibilities of Participating Teams

a) Attend the Pre-Championship Meeting where applicable.

b) All team members must behave in an appropriate manner, both on and off the ice in accordance with the ALLIANCE Hockey Code   of Conduct.

c) The Team Trainer has authority on decisions regarding injuries and a player’s ability to continue playing.