Rules, ALLIANCE Hockey House League Championships, 2023 (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

This Tournament is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.


1. Hockey Canada rules will apply. The Tournament Chair has final say on all tournament rules, regulations and protests.

The OHF suspension list will be used to assess all major, Misconduct and Match Penalties. The Tournament Chair may add to the suspension, if appropriate. If a player or coach receives a suspension during the tournament, the team must check with the Tournament to confirm the number of games to be served. Any player receiving a fighting major will be suspended for the duration of the Championships.

3. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make any and/or all decisions.

4. Teams are required to provide the Tournament Office with their roster and travel permit prior to their first game. All teams will be limited to a maximum of 19 players. Teams are allowed a maximum of 5 Team Officials on the bench.  The home team is designated by the tournament schedule. The home team wears dark jerseys. In the case of conflicting sweaters, the home team will change.

5. Affiliated players (AP’s) are not permitted with the exception of Goaltenders. 

6. Teams shall be prepared to play 15 minutes ahead of scheduled start times.

7. No one is allowed on the ice until the ice surfacing machine has left the ice and the doors are closed.  

8. Dressing rooms are to be vacated promptly after the game has been completed.  Arena staff will inspect the room prior to the next team entering. Keys for the dressing rooms are available in the Tournament Office located in the Red rink.

9. There will be a 3-minute warm up prior to the start of each game.

10. Games at U9, U11 and U13 will be 10-10-F-10 and games at U15 will be 10-10-15 and at U18, U21 will be 10-15-F-15. No time outs are allowed in preliminary round. One(1) time out per team is allowed in Semi-Final and Final games. Floods will occur between the 2nd and 3rd periods, not at the end of the game.

11. Points will be awarded as follows: Two(2) points for a win, one(1) point for a tie and zero(0) points for a loss.

12. If teams are tied at end of round robin play, the final standings will be determined using the ALLIANCE Hockey tie breaking rule found in the Manual of Operations.

13. In the case of a tie in Semi-Final and Final games, sudden-victory Overtime periods of ten (10) minutes stop-time will be played at regular strength. The first goal scored shall determine the winner.

14. In the event of inclement weather, games cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. There will not be any repercussions levied against players/teams who in their best judgement cannot travel to games, but games will be recorded as a 5-0 forfeit as per Hockey Canada rules. In the event of both teams not attending the games, both teams will receive a 5–0 forfeit.

15. The Tournament Committee will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during the Tournament.  All precautions will be taken to protect participants.

16. There are no appeals. All decisions of the Tournament Committee and referee(s) are final.

17. A 5-goal run-time rule will be in effect for the 2023 House League Championships. Once a game is at the point with 5 minutes remaining in the third period and one team is ahead by 5 or more goals, the clock will change to run-time for the remainder of the game (even if the score should change).