ALLIANCE Hockey Member Association Material Orders (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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PLEASE COMPLETE By June 30, 2021 to ensure fulfillment of your order.
2021-22 Marterial Orders
As of March 31, 2021 All prices include HST. HST#89056 5997 RT
  1. Please provide in case we need to contact you for follow up.
  2. Please provide the shipping address if materials are required prior to Office pick up.
Item / Description
Please indicate the quantities required for the materials listed below. Prices are estimated based on the previous season and will be dependent upon the total quantity ordered. NOTE: The "old" age category names are indicated in the Skills Manuals.
  1. Indicate Quantity - $20.00/manual
  2. Indicate Quantity - $20.00/manual
  3. Indicate Quantity - $20.00/manual
  4. Indicate Quantity - $20.00/manual
  5. Indicate Quantity - $20.00/manual
  6. Indicate Quantity - $20.00/manual
  7. Indicate Quantity - $1.00 / crest
  8. Indicate Quantity - $0.65/ patch
  9. Indicate Quantity - $22.00/ sheet
  10. Indicate Quantity - $1.00 / crest
Game Sheets
NOTE: It is assumed that All ALLIANCE-hosted Leagues will utilize e-game sheets (i.e. AAA, AA, A, MD). If any participating Associations want paper game sheets, please order here & they will be provided at your expense. Orders are also accepted for other Leagues/teams, including house leagues. *Price is subject to change and will be based on total quantity ordered.
  1. Indicate Quantity - $0.35/game sheet
  1. Thank you for completing this form.  If you need to know what your previous material order(s) numbers were, please contact [email protected].
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