OHF SCREENING (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)



The centralization of all Vulnerable Sector Checks will be conducted by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) for all On-Ice Officials.

The following individuals who are associated with the OHF, Members, hockey leagues, hockey Clubs and/or Associations must adhere to the OHF Screening Policy and submit to the Ontario Hockey Federation:

• Team officials (including but not limited to head coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers and at large team officials);
 On-ice officials; and
 Anyone else who, through their duties on behalf of the OHF, a Member, a hockey Club or Association, may work with
          children (included but not limited to on-ice volunteer, skills coaches, third party skills coaches and dressing room

Eligibility to Officiate
It is imperative for Officials to ensure their eligibility to access the program.

On-Ice Officials Under the Age of 18
Due to changes imposed by the new Police Record Checks Reform Act (PRCRA) legislation, effective November 1st, 2018, a police check for persons under 18 years of age UNLESS applying for a position with a government agency (federal, provincial or municipal), will not be processed.

Therefore, applicants under the age of 18 will not be required to obtain a Police Record Check OR signing of a declaration form is not required.

On Ice Officials 18 years of age and over are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

The renewal period for your VSC will be every 3 years. (Example: Year one VSSC, year two Criminal Offence Declaration Form, year three Criminal Offence Declaration Form and year four VSC.) All On Ice Officials must adhere to this Policy.

If you are a first-time official 18 years of age and older you are required to submit your Vulnerable Sector Check. If you do not have your VSC at the time of your clinic or Officiating School and have initiated the process please submit the receipt through the same process indicated below.

For On-Ice Officials, if you are recertifying and your screening has expired, you must submit a new VSC by using the link below. If you do not have your VSC prior to registering for a re-certification clinic and have initiated the process, please submit the receipt using the online platform. This is a condition of being able to access the registration process. 

It is imperative for all applicable On-Ice Officials to ensure their Vulnerable Sector Check is complete to be eligible to programs on and off the ice. This includes a valid Vulnerable Sector Check and the OHF Screening Declaration Form.

1. Determine where you need to get your VSC as noted above and get your documents organized:
» OHF Letter Requesting Vulnerable Sector Check (download)
» OHF Screening Declaration Form (download)

Required Documents
Before entering the OHF Screening Submission Portal, please ensure you have the following information to complete the Vulnerable Sector Check:
» Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Number; AND
» Vulnerable Sector Check (PDF) AND OHF Screening Declaration Form (PDF); OR
» Receipt of Vulnerable Sector Check (PDF) AND OHF Screening Declaration Form(PDF)

* All documents must all be in PDF format to be accepted.
** For the 2024-25 season, the OHF will be accepting copies of a Vulnerable Sector Check from 2022-23 or 2023-24 AND the OHF Screening Declaration Form (PDF).

2. Once ready with your documents, including the approved VSC from your local police service, begin your OHF Screening Submission
» Gather your HCR # and register for the OHF Screening Process - see videos below
» Once registered, click on the link to continue
» Complete the form, including the adding of your documents (read all instructions to ensure complete accuracy)

For full screening process details and help with any of the items, click HERE.

1. Ontario Wide
• All Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSC) can be obtained by going directly your local police service.
 Majority of VSCs can also be obtained online through the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), but you must live in an OPP-policed
• The OPP is not the police service jurisdiction for large urban centre including Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA),
   Hamilton, Niagara or Sudbury. If you live in these communities, you will need to contact your local police service of
   jurisdiction to request a VSC.
• You may be required to provide an OHF Letter Requesting Vulnerable Sector Check (download)

2. OPP Police Record Checks
To request an OPP Record Check, you must live in an OPP-policed community.
Click here to obtain a OPP Police Record Check


1. Creating a Spordle Account: Watch Video | Download Instructions
2. Linking HCR Number to Spordle Account: Watch Video | Download Instructions
3. Registering for the OHF Screening Process: Watch Video | Download Instructions
4. OHF Screening Process: Watch Video | Download Instructions