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211 Ontario - When You Don't Know Where to Turn

Hockey Canada's Steps & Resources to Prevent Bullying (for kids, teens & adults)

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Mental Health Services

Canadian Mental Health Association

Strategies for Well-Being

Cyberbullying Resources:
Ontario Provincial Police Tip Sheet on Cyberbullying

Anti-Bullying & Anti-Harassment Team Seminars
In an effort to ensure a positive experience for our players, ALLIANCE Hockey has teamed up with Hockey Canada and our Local Association Member Partners to provide Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment educational Seminars.  These Seminars are player-focused and offer tools and resources for players and teams to deal with situations sometimes present in today’s changing society.  By providing education and tools, players and teams will be better prepared to handle any challenges that may happen to surface.  With a team–effort, we can all work towards providing a safe and fun environment for all involved in our great sport!
Contact your Local Minor Hockey Association today for further details on hosting a Seminar for your Team.