31.0 Protests and Appeals, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1    Processing of protests will occur as follows:

.1   All protests and evidence in support thereof must be sent to the Executive Director of the ALLIANCE within  forty-eight  (48) hours of the start time of the protested game.


.2   Initial notification of the protest must be provided to the Executive Director by one of the following means of communication (Fax or Email).


.3   The initial notification shall provide all evidence in support thereof.  Upon receipt of the initial protest, the Executive Director shall immediately contact the protested team, centre/zone via Fax or Email and shall provide the protested team, centre/zone with all the evidence in support thereof.


.4   From the time of notification by the Executive Director  the protested team, centre/zone shall have thirty-six (36) hours to file a  defense,   stating its evidence  back to the Executive DirectorExcept that during playoffs or playdowns the Protest Chair may rule that the defense be filed less than thirty-six (36) hours subject to the next scheduled game.


.5  Failure to comply with any or all of the above could result in the protest or the defense being declared null and void.

.2       No protest or defense of a protest shall be valid unless signed by both the President or designate of the
                  centre/zone concerned and responsible officials of the team. The protest fee shall be $150.00 (one hundred and
                  fifty dollars) returnable only if the protest is won, and the defense fee $100.00 (one hundred dollars) returnable if
                  protest successfully defended. The Protest Committee shall not have the power to return the fees to any team,
.3       No member of the ALLIANCE shall be eligible to serve on any committee or to vote on any protest or question
                  involving directly any team from his/her home centre/zone.

.4       A protest must be lodged for the game in which a challenged offence occurred, i.e. ineligible player or coach.  A
                  protest lodged for subsequent games involving the same offence will not be considered for reversal of a game
                  decision. In these cases, suspensions for ineligible participants will be enforced.


Individuals that wish to appeal a decision by the ALLIANCE Executive, Councils or other Appointed Committee(s) please use this: NOTICE OF APPEALS FORM.

Time Allowed for an appeal:
An appeal must be filled within seven (7) days of receipt of oral or written notice of a decision by the ALLIANCE, its President or any committee including the Officers and members of the Executive or Representative/BB-B or Recreational Council.



1. Individual completes form and forwards to ALLIANCE Hockey Office with appropriate appeal fees.  Additional information may be requested or supplied when required.

2.  ALLIANCE Hockey Office reviews form to ensure that appropriate information has been completed.

3.   ALLIANCE Hockey Office contacts the Local minor hockey association in which the individual is registered with to inform Association of appeal and to ensure that all proper protocols have been followed.

4.  ALLIANCE HOCKEY Office coordinates details relating to hearing (i.e. time, date, location, etc.). Informs individual/association of hearing details (in writing).

Please refer to ALLIANCE Hockey By-Law 19 for more information on ALLIANCE Appeal Procedures.