Article Four - Membership, Constitutional By-Laws, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1   Membership in the ALLIANCE is granted to the following minor hockey associations: Kitchener Minor Hockey Association, Hamilton Minor Hockey Council, Cambridge Minor Hockey Association, Greater London Hockey Association Inc., Waterloo Minor Hockey Association, Elgin Middlesex Hockey Alliance, Stratford Minor Hockey Association, Woodstock Minor  Hockey Association, Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association, Lambton County Zone, Chatham-KenCounty Zone, SarniHockey Association, Brantford Community Hockey  League,  Brantford Minor Hockey Association, Huron Perth Zone, Greater Fort Erie Minor Hockey Association, London Representative Hockey Association Inc., Sun County AAA Minor Hockey Association, St. Catharines CYO, Windsor Zone, Stratford Rotary Hockey Association, Jr. Raiders Hockey Club and such other minor hockey associations that are granted membership from time to time by the Executive Committee, provided that they remain members in good standing and agree to abide by the Constitutional By-law  of the ALLIANCE and comply with the Rules and Regulations of the ALLIANCE. These minor hockey associations may have under their jurisdiction,  teams as defined in the Rules and Regulations.



.1   Members of the Executive Committee are automatically members of the ALLIANCE.


.1   Members of the Representative Council and Recreational Council are automatically members of the ALLIANCE.



.1   Life Membership Criteria

Life Membership may be granted to an individual  that has served a minimum ten (10) years on the Executive of ALLIANCE Hockey and/or one or more of its Member Associations, with a minimum of five (5) of those years in service to the Executive of ALLIANCE Hockey, and who has rendered extraordinary and distinguished service to ALLIANCE Hockey and continues to bring forth outstanding services to the organization.

.2   Nomination Process

In January of each season a Life Membership Bulletin will be sent to the Executive advising  them that nominations for election to Life Membership  are open until sixty (60) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. A nomination for Life Membership may be submitted only by an Executive Member. Each candidate must be endorsed by three (3) Executive Members. In the event that more than two (2) nominations are presented in the same season the Executive will review the nominations and decide by a vote as to which nominations will move forward to the AGM. An Executive Member may only nominate one (1) individual.  A total of two (2) nominations in any year is the maximum.  A completed Life Membership nomination form together with endorsements must be filed with the Executive Director sixty (60) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

.3   Election of Life Members

The vote for the Life Membership shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting by secret ballot. For Life Membership to be granted a minimum  of seventy-five percent (75%) of the eligible votes cast and not spoiled must be in favor of the nomination. In the event that there are two candidates, the names of both candidates will appear on the ballot and votes may be cast for one, both or neither of the candidates.