20.0 Affiliation, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1       In any ALLIANCE series, a team from a Centre/Zone may affiliate with nineteen (19) players who are registered in that centre on ALLIANCE or HC/ALLIANCE Hockey Team Rosters, but not playing in the same series. The affiliated player must be eligible for the team by age but cannot be from any team of a higher category.

 Example: A U13 AAA/Seeded player could not be an affiliated player with any U14 BB Team.
NOTE: A team may wish to list only players from the team immediately below in age but of the same category (i.e.: vertical affiliation) or list only players on a team of the same division but team rostered as a lower category team (i.e.: horizontal affiliation).  In all cases the affiliation form must he completed as stated below.

.2       A team from a Centre/Zone may affiliate nineteen (19) players from within that Centre/Zone who are registered on an approved electronic roster.  Affiliated players must be eligible for the Centre/Zone by residence or home centre.  A player is only permitted to participate as an affiliated player with one minor hockey team of a higher division or category during the playing season.  Prior to participation as an affiliated player, the player's name must appear on the team’s electronic roster filed within the Branch.  If a player is released off an affiliated player list, they cannot be assigned to another one in the same season.  In the case of a minor-aged player participating on a BB-B team, the player will be allowed to affiliate with the same hockey Association's minor Representative team. 
Example:  A U12 player rostered to a U13BB team would be eligible to affiliate to the Association's U12 Seeded team.

.3       All affiliation must comply with Hockey Canada Rule E.


35. a) A player of a team of a lower Division or Category of the same Club, or of an affiliated team, or specifically affiliated
                player, may affiliate to a team or teams (One team only with the exception of 1 Minor and 1 Junior) of higher Divisions
                and Categories at any time, to a maximum of ten (10) games.  However, if the player's registered team completes its
Regular Season and playoffs before the player's affiliated team or teams, the player may thereafter affiliate an unlimited
number of times.

b) Exhibition and/or Tournament games, which are not part of regular league games or playoff games, are excluded from
                the number of games referred to in Regulation E35. a).

For U16/U18 AA-A & BB-B (Non-Body Checking), please refer to Policy 29.0 Player Movement & Rules – U16/U18 AA-A & BB-B (Non-Body Checking)

ALLIANCE Hockey terminology for participation after League play is Playdowns; where teams are competing for an ALLIANCE Hockey, OHF or Provincial Championship.  Once defeated from Playdowns, teams may compete in what is referred to within ALLIANCE Hockey as Playoffs and by Hockey Canada's definition; this is referred to as competition that prolongs a team's season.  This level of competition, by definition, would be the same as Exhibition and/or Tournament games and would be excluded from the number of games referred to in Regulation E35. a).
An affiliated player that participates on a team that has been eliminated from playdowns is eligible to participate in games that may put the player over the 10-game maximum.  The player is still responsible to his carded team for tournament or playoff games but is eligible to affiliate as if their Regular Season and Playdowns are complete.