1.0 Membership, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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All centres/zones must register their teams they intend to ice for the following season with the ALLIANCE. The CLOSING DATE for the registration of all teams shall be May 31st, of each year. If after registering, special circumstances exist, the ALLIANCE will rule. (i.e., a team is registered but, for whatever reasons a team cannot be iced).  Centres registering a U18 AAA team by the May 31st deadline and who withdraw after July 31 are subject to a $3000.00 fine, payable from the Centre.


The ALLIANCE reserves the right to refuse entry of any team, centre/zone, etc.


.1   Every team applying for entry must specify the CENTRE/ZONE from which it plans to operate, and be governed by all rules (residential or otherwise) applicable to that particular centre/zone;

.2   Any team wishing to enter from a centre that already operates an organized league, organization, association or zone that is affiliated with the ALLIANCE must receive permission  in writing from that affiliated league, organization, association or zone and the ALLIANCE. The intent is that once a centre or zone has been established, there will be no changes to its structure except as outlined in section 1.3.3 of this rule.

In reference to 1.3.2, where the ALLIANCE, after due consideration of all the circumstances of hockey in any given centre/zone, and after consultation with the local affiliated league, organization, association or zone feels that additional team entries to the centre/zone are in the best interests of minor hockey, it may grant permission for such an additional entry.