2.0 Structure Committee, Structure, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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2.1 Formation and Reporting

.1   The Structure Committee reports to the Representative Council, and as such, is a sub-committee of that Council.


.2   The Structure Committee will report to the Recreational Council on any matter that affects House League and Select teams or leagues of the ALLIANCE.


.3   The Structure Committee is advisory to the Representative Council, and where relevant, to the Recreational Council, making recommendations to the Councils for their approval.


.4   All Structure Committee recommendations require the approval of the appropriate Council.


2.2 Structure Committee Composition and Chair/Vice Chair

.1   The Structure Committee is to be made up of ice schedulers on the basis of  one per member association  who operate Representative leagues, teams and programs within the ALLIANCE.


.2   Member associations must identify to the Executive Director of the ALLIANCE by June 30 of each year that they wish to have a member on the Structure Committee.

.3   The Executive Committee will appoint the Chair of the Structure 
Committee in June of each year.


.4   The members of the Structure Committee will select a Vice Chair at its first meeting each year.