9.0 Game Sheets and Score Reporting, Structure, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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9.0  Game Sheets and Score Reporting:

ALLIANCE Hockey will utilize electronic game sheets for Pavilion (AAA), Seeded (AA/A) and BB & B hockey. 

9.1 Coachs Responsibility Re: Game Sheets:


.1   The Coach in charge of any team must before any game, PRINT AND SIGN the game sheet in the spaces provided and he/she shall be regarded as the responsible official of the team for that game. The first and last name of all players and coaches must be recorded on the game sheet. This individual will assume responsibility to the ALLIANCE for the eligibility of all players of the team in that game, and for the conduct of their team officials and players during the game, and while traveling to and from that game. Failure to PRINT AND SIGN the game sheet shall result in an automatic two (2) game suspension to the person(s) failing to do so.

Where an ALLIANCE team has only one (1) team official listed on the game sheet and that game official leaves his position for any reason (e.g. ejection, sickness, injury to a player,  unforeseen emergency) the Referee shall enlist the supervisory services of a carded team official, from the same organization, preferably in attendance at the game.

NOTE: The game sheet shall be signed by the new team designate. If an appropriate designate cannot be found, the game shall be suspended and completed at a further date.


9.2 Players Signing the Game Sheet:


.1   Players do not have to sign the game sheets, but may be requested to verify their signatures against the HC / ALLIANCE Hockey approved team roster carried by the responsible team official. Any responsible team official may request from the opposing team, preferably through the Referee, signatures of the players on the opposing team, to be mailed to the ALLIANCE Executive Director for checking. Such a request must be com- plied with between periods or immediately at the conclusion of the game. Refusal may result in suspension of the management, or of the management and the team, and/or loss of the game.


9.3 Late Players and Game Sheets:


.1   If a player or players of the visiting or home team fail to reach the arena prior to game time, the responsible official of the said team shall notify prior to start of game the Referee and the responsible official of the other team the name or names of such players who have been delayed, but would otherwise be playing. These players shall be permitted to take their place in the game on arrival, provided the players name(s) has been included on the game sheet prior to the start of the game.


9.4 Referee Responsibility Re: Game Sheets:


.1   After each game the Referees shall be responsible to ensure the game sheet is completed properly and entirely.  This shall include verifying penalty calls and codes, tallying penalty minutes and verifying scores. REFEREES THAT FAIL TO ENSURE THAT GAME SHEETS ARE COMPLETED CORRECTLY SHALL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION.


.2   One (1) copy of the game sheet is to be given to each team, and the white copy (original) shall be given to a representative of the home teams minor hockey association.  Failure to receive any game sheet by a team official shall not exempt such official from any subsequent disciplinary action. The fourth copy of the game sheet is to be kept for the Referee's personal records.


.3   Where the Referee is required to submit a written report, as detailed by the HC Rulebook,  this shall be done on the white (original) copy of the game sheet prior to delivering the game sheet to the association representative.  In the case of a Match Penalty, a separate Match Penalty Report must be sent to the ALLIANCE Office within twenty-four (24) hours.


9.5 Home Teams Responsibility Re: Game Sheets:


.1   The white (original) copy of the game sheet shall be forwarded by the home team's association to the ALLIANCE Office by the following Monday.  MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS THAT FAIL TO FORWARD GAME SHEETS PROMPTLY SHALL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION.

.2   Game results shall be forwarded electronically to the ALLIANCE designate as soon as possible after the conclusion of each game.


9.6 Reporting of Game Results:


.1   It is the responsibility of the Home Team (Head Coach or assigned Association Representative) to input the Regular and Post-Season game scores on The 1DB/GameSheet Inc. system within twenty-four (24) hours of the game being played.


.2   Failure to do so may result in a fine being levied against the offending Association at the discretion of the Structure Committee. Problems with the submission of scores should be indicated to the Staff Resource to follow up on immediately.