8.0 Match Penalty Reporting - Discipline Policy, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print8.0 Match Penalty Reporting - Discipline Policy



.1   Match penalties resulting from any game played in the ALLIANCE, in which an ALLIANCE or affiliated team takes part, or which is played under ALLIANCE jurisdiction, shall be reported by the referee to the Executive Director of the ALLIANCE.   The Executive Director will report all pertinent information on the match penalty in question to the President.


8.2     Match penalties will be categorized in the following manner:


.1   Those match penalties that are categorized as "automatic" and may under the ALLIANCE policy be dealt with by the Executive Director shall be reported to the President and the Regional Vice President for their perusal.


.2   All other match penalties, including those of any category that may be questionable and may be reprieved or washed out, or those of a more severe nature shall be forwarded directly to the President through the ALLIANCE Office.


.3   The Discipline (Suspension, Hearing) Committee has the authority to impose or change match penalties. This committee may impose, wash out, reduce, concur in or increase the original suspension. Such committee shall be made up of at least three (3) members including the Chairperson (appointed by the Executive) and at least two (2) other members, one of which must be an Executive Member.


8.3     ALLIANCE Associations and Teams are both responsible for the tracking of Match Penalties.  Both are responsible in ensuring that suspensions have been served and that all appropriate suspension regulations and policies have been followed. Associations are also responsible for appropriate reporting of information to the ALLIANCE Office.


8.4     Suspensions and penalties resulting from this policy may be subject to the Appeal Procedure in the Constitution Article 19.