1.0 Policy For House League Teams, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print1.0 Policy For House League Teams



.1   House League Team is a team that competes regularly in a House League within a centre/association that must be affiliated with the ALLIANCE.


.2   ALLIANCE House League teams are not required to abide by HC, OHF or ALLIANCE residency regulations but may under ALLIANCE member association policies and procedures.

.3   Policies can only be amended at any time with Council and Executive 
Committee approval.





.1   All players shall be registered with the ALLIANCE on ALLIANCE electronically approved rosters. These rosters must be submitted by the association registrar to the ALLIANCE office registrar by December 1st of the playing season for ALLIANCE approval. Failure to do so may result in teams being deemed ineligible for sanctioned tournaments and the ALLIANCE House League Championships.


.2   Registration ensures coverage of House League participants in the HC Insurance Program.  It is mandatory that every centre has HC insurance coverage before allowing players on the ice. The registration deadline is September 1 prior to the House League playing season.


.3   ALLIANCE House League approved rosters will be released upon payment of entry fee, by ALLIANCE Executive Director. The team will then be eligible for exhibition games with other affiliated centres and approved tournaments.


.4   Associations that request participants to play at a younger age group will be considered to do so where special circumstances exist. Consideration will be given upon written request from the Association to the ALLIANCE Hockey Executive Director documenting the special circumstances.




.1   Any centre having a Representative team entered into ALLIANCE competition, can affiliate players from their House League provided they are on an approved ALLIANCE Hockey Affiliation list. Any centre with an independent House League may also affiliate these players as part of their nineteen (19) man roster, providing they affiliate through their local ALLIANCE organization or directly with the ALLIANCE, use the HC group insurance program and adopt HC playing rules. In order to participate as an affiliate with a Representative team a play- er must be eligible for that team by age and residency.


.2   ALLIANCE House League teams and players accepted for sanctioned tournaments must be registered with the ALLIANCE and participating in the teams House League.


.3   ALLIANCE House League teams are not permitted to participate in any non-ALLIANCE House League games without permission of the ALLIANCE Executive Director.

.4   ALLIANCE Hockey House League teams are not permitted to Body Check at any time.


1.4     CERTIFICATIONS (see Appendix A ALLIANCE Hockey Certification Requirements)


1.   To be eligible as a Head Coach on any House League team registered on a HC/ALLIANCE Hockey approved roster, a person must have successfully completed a HC NCCP certification of CS or higher, and the RIS/Speak Out Module with the exception at the levels of Novice and below where the HCIP may be the minimum NCCP certification requirement.   A Coachs certification will be issued upon successful completion of the NCCP Certification and the RIS/Speak Out Module.

2.   To be eligible to be a Trainer or Assistant Trainer on any team registered with the ALLIANCE on a HC/ALLIANCE Hockey approved roster a  person must have successfully  completed  a Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP) at level 1 or higher and the RIS/Speak Out Module. An ALLIANCE certification will be issued upon successful completion of the HTCP  Level 1 and the RIS/Speak Out Module.


3.   ALLIANCE Hockey recommends that all coaching staff have NCCP Certification as per set requirements.




.1   The Chairperson of the Recreational  Council  may upon request, appoint  convenors,  to contact  and assist the centres  to operate House Leagues.




.1   Players registered and approved on ALLIANCE House League rosters may also roster with an ALLIANCE Hockey Select Team and affiliate with a BB-B or higher division team for a maximum of five (5) games, provided they qualify by residence and age.


            .2   House League players must fulfill their commitment to their House League team before playing as an affiliated player
            or for a House League select or higher category team.

            .3   There is no affiliation for House League teams with the exception of one (1) goaltender from a team of a lower league  
            division and in the U18/U21 Division where a U21-aged goaltender may be used in the U18/U21 Division providing
            they aren't a member of the Select team.   




.1   All match penalties (league, exhibition and tournament) must be reported by the game officials to the ALLIANCE office.




.1   All games shall be officiated by certified HCOP officials who have registered with the ALLIANCE for the current season. Officials for this House League program must be a HCOP Level 1 or higher.