6.0 BB & B, Structure, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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6.0 BB & B


.1  Length of Games in the Regular Season (BB-B):


Suggested Ice Time

Minimum Period Lengths 

 U8 to U13

50 minutes

10-10-10 (minimum)

 U14 and up

60 minutes


.2 Warmups:
 Warmups at the start of the game are limited to no longer than three (3) minutes including handshaking ceremonies, etc.  The Referee will blow a warning whistle after 2½ minutes.  Immediately after the three (3) minutes have elapsed, the teams will line up for the opening face-off and the Referee will drop the puck to start the game.

.3  Curfews:


.1  League play: If a game could be curfewed, the finishing time must be on the game sheet prior to the start of the game and a responsible official from each team must acknowledge the curfew on the game sheet. Due to the Rule Emphasis implementation by Hockey Canada in 2006 - 2007 all games have the potential for Curfew.

.2  Playdowns and Playoffs:
Sufficient time should be scheduled without curfews.  In the event that a curfew is imposed in a playdown game, the Executive Committee will make a decision as to the completion of the curfewed game.

.3  U18 BB-B Mercy Rule:
Applies to the third period when the score is five (5) goals or more. The game clock shall revert to running time until the conclusion of the period. (If the difference in score becomes less than five (5) the clock still runs straight time.) (Mercy Rule will not apply to Playoffs or Playdowns). With Rule applying for penalties.

.4  BB-B Tie-Breaker: In BB-B hockey where the league is not seeded, the first tie-breaker for playoff or playdown seeding determination will be Regular Season final standings.  If teams are tied during regular season standings refer to 7.0 and apply tie-breaker to round robin playoff competition to break the tie.