Article Seventeen - Nominations Committee, Constitutional By-Laws, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

PrintArticle Seventeen - Nominations Committee


.1   The Nominations Committee will include:

.1   Past President, President or Presidents designate (a person not up for election);
.2   One (1) member of the Representative Council or Recreational Council who is not up for election;

.3   Three (3) member representatives at large not associated with the two (2) Councils, appointed by the Executive Committee.

.2   The Nominations Committee will recommend for election, when necessary at the Annual General Meeting,  candidates to the following elected positions: President, Senior Vice-President, Regional Vice- Presidents, the Chair of the Representative Council and the Chair of the Recreational Council.

.3   In addition, the Nominations Committee will put forth appointment nominations to the positions of:

.1    Treasurer

.2   Auditors

.3   Appeals Chairman

.4   Referee Technical Director