21.0 Game Time Policy, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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21.1   Policy for Length of Games for Representative and Seeded


At the Representative Meeting on April 27th, 2011 a decision was made to treat the listed game times that are indicated in the chart below as Minimum. For those associations that can offer more ice-time than the minimum a decision was made to utilize that time as opposed to letting it sit, unused. As part of this decision it was determined that associations cannot increase game times and implement a curfew.  The decision was made based on the premise that more ice- time benefits the kids and that is what ALLIANCE Hockey should be all about. Coaches do not have a say on this matter, if extra ice-time is avail- able for games it must be utilized, visiting Coaches cannot refuse to play extra time when it is made available.  This decision was made in the spirit of ALLIANCE Hockey as it can only benefit those who matter the most, “the kids”.


Level                           Suggested Ice-Time       Period Length

U10                      60 minutes                 10-10-15

U11 to U14        80 minutes                 10-15-B-15

U15     110 minutes                 15-15-F-15
U16 110 minutes 15-15-F-20

U18 Seeded                110 minutes               15-15-F-20 Curfew Mercy Rule

U18 AAA                     140 minutes               20-F-20-F-20 Mercy Rule