5.0 Game Operations, Structure, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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5.1 Length of Games in the Regular Season (Pavilion, Seeded: Constellation, Bristol):


.1   The minimum game time is three (3) stop time periods totaling thirty (30) minutes of playing time. Centres should strive to provide sufficient ice time for the following length of playing times excluding resurfacing time. All Representative teams, should be ready to play fifteen (15) minutes prior to the originally scheduled game time.





Ice Time

Period Lengths

U11 to U14 
U16 Seeded
U18 Seeded

50 minutes
80 minutes
90 minutes
110 minutes
110 minutes
110 minutes
110 minutes
140 minutes

10 - 10 - 10
10 - 15
10 15 - B - 15
15 - 15 - F - 15 (Playdowns SF & F)
15 - 15 - F - 15
15 - 15 - F - 15
15 - 15 - F - 20
15 - 15 - F - 20 Curfew Mercy Rule
20 - F - 20 - F - 20 Curfew Mercy Rule

*Break is defined as 2 minute maximum
**U13 AAA Playdown Semi-Finals & Final

.2  U18 AAA Curfew:  All games, (mercy rule and non-mercy rule) will be curfewed after 2 hours & 20 minutes as per a decision made by the U18 Programming Committee.

Procedure: Home team to put down time of curfew on game sheet. Check the box so that visiting team is aware of what time the game will be curfewed. Game cannot be curfewed less than 2.5 hours from when the teams take the ice for warm-up.

.3  Warm-ups:  The Referee will blow his/her whistle with thirty (30) seconds remaining at which time teams need to pick up their pucks and complete their final skate prior to the start of the game.  In games where there is no flood between periods, the timekeeper shall put one (1) minute on the clock at the end of the period and allow it to run down to zero, at which time the teams will be ready to start the next period.  If a team delays the game for too long, a bench minor could be assessed.

.4  Post Game Handshake:  For all ALLIANCE Hockey Representative games (AAA, AA, A, BB/B), coaches and players will meet at centre ice and shake hands at the conclusion of the game, unless at the discretion of the referee(s) it is inadvisable to do so for reasons of participant safety.  For all ALLIANCE Hockey Representative (AAA, AA, A, BB/B) Playdown and Playoff series at U14 through U18, the players and Team Officials will shake hands upon the conclusion of their respective series.

.5  U18 AAA & U18 Seeded Mercy Rule: Applies to the 3rd period when the difference in score is five (5) goals or more. The game clock shall revert to running time until the conclusion of the period. If a timeout is called the clock must be stopped for the duration of the timeout and start again at the drop of the puck. (If the difference becomes less than five (5) the clock still runs straight time). (Mercy Rule will not apply to Playdowns).

.6  Penalties During U18 AAA Mercy Rule:

.1  All penalties called when mercy rule is in effect are time and a half

Example: 2 minutes is 3, 4 minutes is 6, 5 minutes is 7:30 and 10 minutes is 15.
.2  A penalty cannot be completed during a stoppage of play.

The player may not leave the penalty box until the puck is dropped.

.3  Any penalties called before the mercy rule goes into effect shall remain as called.

Example: A 2 minute penalty called with 30 seconds left in the 2nd period and the score is 5 0. The remaining time in the penalty will be 1 minute and 30 seconds at the start of the 3rd period.

.7  U18 AAA Overtime and Shoot-out Rule (Regular Season): At the end of regulation time where the game is tied, a 3 on 3, 5 minute sudden death overtime period will be played. In the event the game is still tied at the conclusion of the 5 minute overtime period, the teams will commence a 3-player shoot out. In the event the game is still tied after the 3-player shoot out, each team will continue to shoot, one shooter at a time until one team gains the victory. If an association has more than the allotted time to play a game the overtime must be completed in its entirety. If the overtime is curfewed the game will end in a tie.