5.0 Boundaries, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1   All ALLIANCE boundaries will be upheld and all players living within one of these areas must play in their home centre/zone. As well the ALLIANCE will recognize other centres’ boundaries and will not solicit nor expand the existing recognized boundaries except through mutual consent, or except where there has been an amalgamation of two or more cities, communities or towns creating a larger city, community or town, and in that case after consultation and at the insistence of its member association, the boundary of the larger city, community or town will be recognized in determining the boundary of the association for travel hockey, or as in 3.2 above.

NOTE: The intent of 5.1 is to respect all players and territories of all centres both within and outside the ALLIANCE. ALLIANCE centres/zones see the opportunity of AAA hockey only as an extension of the player's home centre and as an additional level of development.  The ALLIANCE wants to help preserve the sovereignty of its neighbour's hockey programs and boundaries.