24.0 Classification of Teams, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1       If a centre cannot field both a major and a minor team within a particular division (i.e., U15), a major/minor   team will be allowed. Should this occur, the entry must play in the major category. The Executive Committee of the ALLIANCE in consultation with the affected teams can review the entry and determine the competitiveness of that team and determine if it should be allowed to play in the minor category, (applicable if major/minor team is being defeated badly by the other teams it plays on a regular basis).

.2       In cases of centres within  the ALLIANCE not able to field a team in a particular  age category  the matter can be referred to the ALLIANCE  who in consultation  with its member  centres  will resolve the issue. Example - a small centre has twelve (12) U11 players and cannot field a team and doesn’t want to move up to U12. (suggest centres  amalgamate  with next closest  centre with same category  either one category  up or down)

.3       If a centre does not have a U21 representative team in any given year, then players eligible to play may do so in the nearest centre.



If a centre which is classified "BB-B" or above, in any given year is unable to ice a representative or additional representative team in a division or subdivision, for which a player is eligible by age and residency the player may, after first registering with and receiving permission from his/her home centre, try out for the next nearest centre for which he/she is eligible.