Article Fourteen - Appointments, Constitutional By-Laws, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

PrintArticle Fourteen - Appointments


.1   The Treasurer is responsible to ensure the sound financial management of the Association.
.2   The Treasurer is an Officer of the ALLIANCE and member of the Executive Committee. While participating  in the overall governance  of the ALLIANCE,  the Treasurer authorizes the payments of accounts, ensures accurate accounting and provides reports to the Executive Committee and to the membership.
.3   As an appointed official the Treasurer is accountable to the Executive Committee and membership.  For ALLIANCE Executive purposes the Treasurer reports to the President.
.4   The Appointment of a Treasurer is presented to the Annual General Meeting for ratification for a one (1) year term.


.1   Financial, business experience

.2   Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping methods

.3   Understanding of budgeting process

.4   Communication and presentation skills

.5   Minor hockey organizational experience

.6   Bondable



.1   The Executive Committee shall appoint auditors annually which shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.



.1   Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Referee Technical Director for a two (2) year term.  This appointment will be every two years, on even years. Input on the nominating process will also come from the Referee Sub-Committee.

.2   The Referee Technical Director will be responsible for the implementation of the ALLIANCEs Referee program (ALLIANCE/HCOP).
.3   The Referee Technical Director is automatically a member of the Development Committee.



.1   Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Chairperson of Appeals. This appointment must be presented to the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

.2   The Appeals Committee shall consist of the appointed Chairperson of Appeals and two (2) other members in good standing as designated by the Executive Director and/or the Chairperson of Appeals.
.3   The Committee shall administer the ALLIANCE appeal procedures, as further specified in Article 19.

.4   The Committee may make Rules for its proceedings and the performance of its duties.

.5   All persons appearing before this Committee shall be given full opportunity to be heard.

.6   This Committee shall also have the power to hear and finally decide all complaints on matters, which pertain to the propriety of or lack of Rule or Regulation, Constitutional By-law provision, or the alleged violation of the Constitutional By-law, and/or Rules and Regulations.

.7   The Committee shall, as soon as possible after the conclusion of proceedings, make a written report to all persons directly involved in the matter, and to the Executive of the ALLIANCE.

.8   This Committee shall also have the power to conduct any investigation or hearing as directed by the Executive Committee from time to time and make a report in writing of such investigation or hearing to the Executive Committee.

.9   No current member of the Executive Committee or person appointed by the Executive Committee to an ALLIANCE position may participate as a member of the Appeals Committee, except the Chair of Appeals. Nor may they appear before the Appeals Committee as the representative for any party.