10.0 Unauthorized Play, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1    Member teams shall not play in any group or league not under the direct control of the ALLIANCE without permission of the ALLIANCE. Teams requesting to participate in a non-ALLIANCE League must make application to the ALLIANCE Executive Committee by August 1 of the year of participation.   The ALLIANCE Executive Committee must approve the participation of ALLIANCE teams in non-ALLIANCE Leagues. Failure to obtain approval may result in disciplinary action against the Association and/or the respective team officials.

.2     Member teams shall comply with HC Overseas Rules.

.3    Participants and or Team(s) shall not participate in non- sanctioned games, including exhibition games or tournaments, nor play against non-OHF/HC affiliated team(s). Player(s), Participants and or Team(s) that participate in non-sanctioned games or events may be suspended and/or disciplined by the ALLIANCE Executive Committee.  Local or Zone Minor Hockey Associations are responsible for ensuring that Participants and Team(s) only participate in sanctioned games or events.

NOTE: Non-OHF/HC affiliated teams refers to those teams not recognized by or covered under the HC Insurance Program.