3.0 Roles, Responsibilities and Timelines, Structure, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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3.1 Roles & Responsibilities of ALLIANCE Hockey Structure Committee:

.1   To coordinate and facilitate the operation of ALLIANCE Hockey Intercity Leagues as per the direction of the ALLIANCE Associations;


.2   To manage the required administration related to all ALLIANCE Hockey Intercity Leagues;


.3   To ensure that all responsibilities and deadlines of all governing bodies are met.


3.2 Roles & Responsibilities of ALLIANCE Hockey Staff Resource:

.1   To report directly to the Representative Council on relevant responsibilities;

.2   To schedule and inform appropriate parties of the Structure Committee Meetings;

.3   To post Playdown and Playoff contracts upon receipt;


.4 To monitor schedules and standings and report any discrepancies/issues to the Structure Committee;


.5   To attend annual scheduling meetings and enter all League schedules on the applicable system;


.6   To provide schedule templates to Ice Schedulers in advance of the Scheduling Meetings;


.7   To act as a liaison between the Structure Committee, the Representative Council, and where appropriate, the Recreational Council;

.8   To set up online user accounts for Ice Schedulers on an annual basis;


.9   To provide Structure Committee updates to the ALLIANCE Hockey membership when necessary.


3.3 Roles & Responsibilities of ALLIANCE Hockey Ice Schedulers:

.1   To report to ALLIANCE Structure Committee;

.2   To schedule all league schedules where appropriate;

.3   To post all Home Game scores within twenty-four (24) hours of them being played;

.4   To post all Home Game changes within twenty-four (24) hours of the said change and to copy all other appropriate ALLIANCE contacts and bodies;

.5   To provide all home ice advantage playdown and playoff con- tracts to the staff person and appropriate Structure Committee members as soon as they are available;

.6   To report any posting discrepancies to the staff person in a timely fashion;

.7   To attend all Structure Committee Meetings.


3.4 Roles & Responsibilities of ALLIANCE Hockey Team Officials:

.1   To report to ALLIANCE Hockey Ice Schedulers;

.2 To inform ALLIANCE Hockey Ice Schedulers of scheduling problems or issues;

To inform ALLIANCE Hockey Ice Schedulers of game results.