3.0 Policy For BB & B Teams, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print3.0 Policy For BB & B Teams



.1  There are two categories of representative hockey below "A" hockey: "BB" (Tier 1) and "B" (Tier 2).

.2  BB & B teams participate at a level above ALLIANCE Hockey Select but lower than category "A" hockey. 
     BB & B players do not participate in a House League program.

.3  ALLIANCE BB & B teams must abide by HC, OHF and ALLIANCE residency regulations.

Policies can only be amended at any time with Council and Executive Committee approval.




.1   All players shall be registered with the ALLIANCE on ALLIANCE Hockey electronic approved rosters. These rosters must be submitted by the Associations Registrar to the ALLIANCE Office Registrar for ALLIANCE approval.  Players are ineligible to participate in any form of competition and/or until official approval is given by the ALLIANCE Office. Failure to do so may result in teams being deemed ineligible for sanctioned tournaments and ALLIANCE BB & B Championships.


.2   Registration ensures coverage of BB & B participants in the HC Insurance Program. It is mandatory that every centre has HC insurance coverage before allowing players on the ice. The registration deadline is September 1 prior to the playing season.


.3   ALLIANCE BB & B playing rosters will be released upon payment of entry fee, and upon approval of the rostered team list by the ALLIANCE Executive Director. The team will then be eligible for exhibition games and approved tournaments with other affiliated centres.


.4   If the respective BB-B team is interested in using affiliate players, the players must meet and adhere to all ALLIANCE Affiliation Regulations.




.1   ALLIANCE BB & B teams are permitted to participate in any ALLIANCE organized in-city or inter-city league.


3.4     CERTIFICATIONS (See Appendix A ALLIANCE Hockey Certification Requirements)


.1   To be eligible as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach on any BB-B team registered on a HC/ALLIANCE Hockey approved Roster, a person must have successfully completed a HC NCCP certification, and the RIS Activity Leader Module. A Coachs certification will be issued upon successful completion of the NCCP Certification and the RIS Activity Leader Module.


.2   To be eligible to be a Trainer or Assistant Trainer on any team registered with the ALLIANCE on a HC/ALLIANCE Hockey approved Roster a  person must have successfully  completed an HTO Hockey Trainers Certification Program at level 1 or higher and the RIS Activity Leader Module. An ALLIANCE certification will be issued upon successful completion of the HTO Level 1 and the RIS Activity Leader Module.




.1   The Chairperson of the Representative Council may upon request, appoint conveners, to contact and assist the centres to operate BB-B teams and/or leagues.




.1   All match penalties (league, exhibition and tournament) with any ALLIANCE BB-B team must be reported by the game officials to the ALLIANCE Office.




.1   All games shall be officiated by certified HCOP officials who have registered with the ALLIANCE for the current season.