11.0 ALLIANCE Hockey Policy For F1 Form Waivers, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print11.0 ALLIANCE Hockey Policy For F1 Form Waivers

ALLIANCE Minor Hockey Associations adopted the following F1 form waiver policy on March 29th, 2006:


11.1   ALLIANCE Hockey F1 Form Waiver Policy


ALLIANCE Hockey Member Minor Hockey Associations cannot issue waivers prior to an actual try-out.  If a participant is released by his/her home association, that participant will have the opportunity to try-out in all of the adjacent AAA Centres/Zones identified on the back of the F1 form waiver.  In the event that the participant does not make anyone of the identified adjacent Centres/Zones on the back of the F1 Form Waiver and wishes to proceed to associations outside their adjacent box he/she must make contact with the Executive Director of ALLIANCE Hockey Office for permission.  


ALLIANCE Hockey member associations will not issue waivers to participants who are seeking an association of their choice.




ALLIANCE Hockey supports the Hockey Canada and Ontario Hockey Federation rule that you play where you reside.


ALLIANCE Hockey believes in promoting community, and tomorrows leaders through character, work ethic and determination.