Article Three - Purposes and Objectives, Constitutional By-Laws, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

PrintArticle Three - Purposes and Objectives


.1   The purposes and objectives of the ALLIANCE shall be:

 .1   To promote, organize and develop organized amateur hockey programs for youths within the ALLIANCE up to the Juvenile age limit including both the development of the maximum opportunity for participation in recreational hockey and the development of representative teams with high levels of competency;

.2   To help develop good character among participants, by promoting and teaching the importance of the values of physical competition, physical activity, good sportsmanship, inter-community understanding and good fellowship, and the fair treatment of others (with respect to the latter, there shall be no place in the ALLIANCE for discriminatory behavior with respect to race, place of origin, family circumstance, gender or creed);

 .3   To protect and serve the mutual interests of all its members and participants;

.4   To recognize the integrity of local, community programs and to encourage a strong sense of community pride and participation;

.5   To represent the interests of its members at the Provincial and National levels;

To work with Provincial and National hockey associations  to promote cooperative development of hockey programs and their effective administration;

To enhance  the positive  value of the programs by providing leadership and initiatives to develop participants at all levels;

To provide opportunities for all participants  to play the sport at a level appropriate to their degree of skill or interest;

To ensure the enforcement of the rules of the sport as adopted by the ALLIANCE and other affiliated bodies.