5.0 Policy For Tournament Play, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1   ALLIANCE affiliated teams or players must not take part in any tournament unless such tournament has a sanction permit from the ALLIANCE or unless the team has permission from the ALLIANCE. Teams shall not participate in concurrent tournaments. The Manager and Coach of teams participating in concurrent tournaments may be suspended for eight (8) games (at the discretion of the ALLIANCE Executive).


.2   For the purpose of this rule, concurrent tournaments are separate tournaments in which some or all of the games are played during the same time span. Any team must have completed or have been eliminated from one tournament before being eligible to participate in another tournament within the same time span.


.3   The  Manager  and Coach  of any team having  applied  and being accepted in one or more concurrent tournaments who fail to cancel their application for one or more of the tournaments applied for at least twenty (20) days prior to the start of the tournaments, will be automatically suspended for eight (8) league games of the playing season.


.4   The Manager and Coach of any team once accepting an invitation to a tournament who fails to notify the Tournament Director that they cannot meet their obligation to the tournament at least twenty (20) days before the tournament, or who withdraws during the tournament, may face suspension for eight (8) league games of the playing season (at the discretion of the ALLIANCE Executive Committee).


.5   All travel permits (exhibition and tournaments) are granted with the understanding that they are not to interfere with ALLIANCE play- downs and championships ALLIANCE Regulation will strictly enforce this. Any team that has paid an entry fee to a tournament will be entitled to have their money refunded (in the opinion of the ALLIANCE Executive) which the ALLIANCE will assist them to obtain.


NOTE: Any team required to withdraw from a tournament because of a failure to meet league commitments shall not be entitled to a refund of any tournament fees paid.


.6   ALLIANCE teams, and their participants taking part in unsanctioned tournaments will be subject to disciplinary action.


.7   HC insurance is in effect only in games or tournaments played with the sanction of the ALLIANCE.




.1   Sanction fees for all tournaments will be as specified each year by the ALLIANCE.

.2   In addition to the above fees, the following HC fees and Regulations will prevail:


.1   For each inter-branch tournament, there shall be a sanction fee of $50.00 plus a $10.00 fee for each team from outside the host branch.


.2   For each international tournament, there shall be a sanction fee of $100.00, plus $50.00 per team outside of HC (including teams from the U.S.A. and IIHF) and $10.00 per team from out- side the host branch.


.3   The following HC regulations will be mandatory and all inter-branch tournaments involving four (4) or more HC branches, and all international tournaments, must be sanctioned by the HC Minor Hockey Council at each HC Annual Meeting, for the following season. The sanctioned tournaments will subsequently be listed in the Minor Regulations Handbook, an application form must be first submitted by the local association requesting the tournament sanction, and all applications must be approved by the branch before submission to the Minor Council. A deposit equal to the minimum sanction fee must accompany the application.

.4   Applications for all tournament sanction permits (hosting) must be submitted to the ALLIANCE Hockey Office by September 15th of the season in which the tournament is to be played.

.5  All tournaments  are required  to submit a  financial  statement  of Income and Disbursements   to the ALLIANCE Hockey Office within thirty (30) days of the completion of the tournament. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in refusal of future tournament sanction permits, and possible disciplinary action.


Fees may change with proper notice from the ALLIANCE Hockey Office.




.1   A sanction permit will be issued only to the Minor Hockey Association which is the recognized governing body in a centre/zone and which is affiliated with the ALLIANCE. All requests for tournament permits or special permission must be handled by the local association contact person.


.2   Sanction fees, a copy of the tournament rules, and a copy of the invitation being sent out should accompany your letter of application that must be submitted to the ALLIANCE Hockey Office.


.3   At least fifteen (15) days prior to the start of the tournament a list of the competing teams, an additional copy of the tournament regulations, and a tournament schedule  must be submitted to the ALLIANCE Hockey Office.




.1   The ALLIANCE will supply game report sheets and Sanction Permits for all sanctioned tournaments.  Where approved by ALLIANCE Hockey E-Game Sheets may be used.


.2   These game reports must be signed by an official from each team in compliance with Rule 26 & Structure Policy 8.0.


.3   Tournament games in which match penalties are assessed must be sent to the ALLIANCE Executive Director (by the head official) within twenty four (24) hours after the game. All game sheets are to be sent to the ALLIANCE Executive Director after the completion of the tournament.


.4   Tournament officials must ensure that all game sheets are signed by team officials and referees. Approved HC, USA Hockey or IIHF recognized playing certificates for the current playing season must be produced.




.1   Any teams in sanctioned tournaments shall be permitted to use only those players whose eligibility  is supported by approved  HC, USA Hockey or IIHF recognized playing certificates or approved team rosters of the current playing season.  Photocopies will only be accepted if certified by the ALLIANCE Executive Director.


NOTE: Players who have played in more than ten (10) games of Junior or higher classification during the regular season as per the Hockey Canada Development Model in the current season, will not be eligible to participate in any ALLIANCE tournament.


.2   Team officials who fail to produce approved team rosters and allow players to participate may be suspended for a minimum of eight (8) league games.


.3   House League participants who are otherwise eligible (residence rule) to enter ALLIANCE competition shall be permitted with the approval of their Association to play in sanctioned tournaments. These players must be properly approved on affiliation lists or Roster Sheets of the current playing season.


.4   A Sanction  Permit may be withdrawn from any tournament that accepts entries from a team, or players that are under suspension or are not approved by the ALLIANCE. Once the sanction permit is withdrawn all ALLIANCE teams or affiliated teams will not be allowed to play in this unsanctioned tournament.

.5   No team or player shall play more than three (3) games on one day.


5.6     GAME TIMES


.1   All tournament games must comprise three (3) stop time periods as per ALLIANCE Rule found in the Structure Policy 5.1 or 6.1.


.2   Where any team plays three (3) games in one (1) day, the maximum time of any game must be as per ALLIANCE Rule found in the Structure Policy 5.1 or 6.1.

.3  Where teams play more than one (1) game in one (1) day, there must be a minimum of three (3) hours between the completion of one game and the start of the next game.

.4  Affiliation is not permitted for a second tournament on the same weekend, while rostered team is still eligible.




.1      A shot on goal shall be considered a shot that would have entered the goal had there been no goaltender in the goal.




.1   No entry shall be accepted from any team in any other division of the OHF (GTHL, NOHA or OMHA) or HC or foreign hockey bodies without the written permission of the President or Secretary  of that organization.


.2   This written permission must be available  for inspection by any ALLIANCE Executive Committee  Member  or Convenor, at any time during the tournament and mailed to the ALLIANCE Hockey Office upon completion of the tournament.


.3   No tournament may accept any ALLIANCE team unless the tournament application includes the written permission of the President and Contact Person of the local Minor Hockey Association.


.4   ALLIANCE teams may not enter tournaments nor embark on exhibition tours of foreign countries without receiving permission of HC through the OHF and the ALLIANCE office.  Application for such permission must be made at least sixty (60) days in advance of the departure date.



.1   In every game played in a sanctioned tournament officials will be appointed as per regulations for group play. (Structure 8.0)


.2   In every tournament, officials will only be allowed to officiate a maximum of six (6) games per day. Games may be done in sets of either two (2) or three (3) games, always with a minimum rest period of at least two (2) games (two (2) hours) between sets.


.3   In every tournament, officials will only be allowed to officiate a maximum of three (3) games per day acting as the Referee in a three-man officiating system.


.4   All ALLIANCE tournament games shall be officiated by HCOP officials who have registered with the ALLIANCE for the current season.


.5   Failure to comply with 5.9.1, 5.9.2, 5.9.3 and 5.9.4 above may result in withdrawal of the Tournament Sanction Permit and future Tournament Sanction Permits.


.6   The ALLIANCE Representative will be responsible to visit their centres tournament to ensure that ALLIANCE Regulations are being complied with. The Tournament Chairperson or Tournament Director must co-operate and comply with any request of the ALLIANCE Centre Representative.


.7   Failure to comply with the above regulations and all ALLIANCE rules will result in refusal of future Tournament Sanction Permits, and possible disciplinary action.