18.0 Players Changing Residence, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1       In the event of a legitimate move, the ALLIANCE Executive shall have the power to grant a transfer if, in their opinion, the player is entitled to the same.


.2       Any player qualified under this rule who legitimately moves during the playing season after December 1st in any year shall have the choice for that season only of finishing the season with his/her original team, if the travel distance is deemed as reasonable or join a team in the centre to which he/she has moved. If a player changes habitual residence after registering  for the current sea- son prior to December 1st, then such player shall be deemed to be eligible for the team or team(s) within the newly established habitual residence and the previous registration shall be void as the player does not meet residential eligibility  requirements.   If prior to December 1st the new centre is full then the player may seek written permission from his new residential club to remain, for that season only, with his/her original teams provided the travel distance is reasonable.


.3       Any player who moves or enrolls at a University,  College, Trade, Technical or Business school or is employed outside his/her own community must file a residence status report with the ALLIANCE office.