12.0 Player Eligibility, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1    Any player who is an amateur in good standing shall be eligible to play for an association, centre and/or zone, provided:

.1  The player has established habitual/continuous/permanent residence in that centre;
.2  The player has obtained any consent required by Hockey Canada, or any division of the Ontario Hockey Federation;
.3  The player has not established such residency for the principal purpose of playing or practicing hockey.


.2    A player eligible, but not a resident in a centre with a team entered in a division for which he/she is eligible, shall be given a choice of the centre he/she will play for, when the difference in distance from or to his/her residence, over well-traveled roads, always measuring by the shortest possible route, to the two or more centres concerned does not exceed five (5) miles [eight (8) kilometers] but will not be permitted to by-pass a centre to play for another centre in the same general direction.  The measurement of such distance shall be to a centre point established by the Member Association that is on file at the ALLIANCE Hockey Office.  Notwithstanding the provisions of HC regulation H, having once made his/her choice, such player shall remain a member of the club/team for which he/she has signed until properly released by the club/team, or until the centre of which he/she is a resident  operates a team for which he/she is eligible. This regulation may only be applied in situations where a player is deemed to be in an area that is not defined by a Geographical Subdivision.  The Right of Choice form must be signed off and verified as correct by the receiving centre and submitted to the ALLIANCE Hockey Office by August 20th.

.3    A player shall not participate in any game of the team's regular playing schedule before registering with the ALLIANCE the following documents:


- Proof of age

- ALLIANCE/HC player certificate

- Player Eligibility and Classification Declaration Form

- Residency status report if applicable


.4    A player shall not be registered with more than one team in a single season, with the only exception being Select Hockey and OWHA rostered players . Violations of this provision will result in the immediate suspension of the player until they have chosen one Association.