9.0 Travel Permit Policy, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print9.0 Travel Permit Policy

9.1     What is an ALLIANCE Travel Permit?


.1   A Travel Permit is an administrative form that is used for teams that wish to participate in games that are not a part of their regularly scheduled season. It essentially gives them “permission” to travel to participate in competition.


9.2     When is an ALLIANCE Travel Permit required?


.1   All non-ALLIANCE scheduled game.
.2   All Tournaments (ALLIANCE, GTHL, OMHA, NOHA, outside OHF, USA Hockey)
.3   All exhibition games
.4   ALLIANCE House League, Select and BB-B  Championships


9.3     When is an ALLIANCE Travel Permit not required?


.1   Regular Season Games

.2   ALLIANCE Playoffs and Playdowns

.3   OHF and HC Championships


9.4     Why are ALLIANCE Travel Permits required?


.1   To ensure that teams are only participating against HC sanctioned teams (there were many circumstances in past seasons in which ALLIANCE teams participated against non-HC teams). Participation against non-HC sanctioned teams or unapproved travel may result in the forfeiture of HC insurance coverage.  They are also used to track participation for ALLIANCE teams for local associations.


9.5     Must an ALLIANCE Travel Permit be used?


.1   Yes.  These forms contain all of the relevant information per ALLIANCE Administrative and HC procedures. Please ensure that ALLIANCE forms are used, not local forms.


9.6     Payment What does a Travel Permit cost?


.1  Exhibition Games & ALLIANCE Tournaments Competition Travel Permits are a one (1) page, online fillable form.  ALLIANCE provides these travel permits at no cost to the Association. 

.2   Non-ALLIANCE (Out of Branch (i.e. OMHA, GTHL, NOHA, etc.) or Out of Country) Tournament Travel Permits are available through a web link at a cost of $5.00 per form.

.3   Associations may, at their discretion, charge an administrative fee for one or both Travel Permits.


9.7     Procedures


.1   ALLIANCE pre-approval is provided both the Exhibition Game and ALLIANCE tournament competition travel permits;
.2   ALLIANCE team forwards completed non-ALLIANCE online travel permit via the weblink to their respective ALLIANCE Association or designate for final approval;
.3   ALLIANCE Association Member or designate reviews travel permit forms grants permission or denies permission (non-sanctioned teams);
.4  Each Association has the responsibility to ensure that participation is against Hockey Canada and/or IIHF sanctioned teams;
 .5   ALLIANCE Associations are provided with a list of non-Hockey Canada Associations annually;
.6   Travel Permit reports may be generated at any time by the Home Association and/or ALLIANCE Hockey. ALLIANCE Hockey will invoice Associations for travel permit fees upon the conclusion of the season;
.7   Teams/Associations that do not comply with the ALLIANCE Travel Permit Procedures may be suspended or further disciplined.  Teams will not be covered by Hockey Canada insurance if a Travel Permit is not properly completed.