36.0 Suspensions to Players Eligible For Two Teams, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print36.0 Suspensions to Players Eligible For Two Teams



.1       If a player eligible for two (2) teams by affiliation or roster receives a suspension with either his approved team/registered or his affiliated/rostered team, the player must serve the suspension with the team to which he is first approved, and will not be allowed to play for any team until the suspension has been served in its entirety. (Exception House League and Select)

.2       If a player receives a suspension in a tournament and there are additional un-played tournament games before they can be served with his original approved rostered team (i.e. House League), all or part of the suspension should be served in the tournament and the remainder of the suspension must be served with his originally approved rostered team.
.3   A minor hockey player who receives a suspension while participating as an affiliate with Junior Hockey will be required to serve the OHF minimum Junior hockey suspension with their minor hockey team.

In the event the team to which the player is carded/registered has been eliminated from ALLIANCE Play-downs, ALLIANCE League Playoffs, ALLIANCE BB/B Playdowns or Playoffs, ALLIANCE Select House League Playdowns or Playoffs, ALLIANCE House League Playdowns or Playoffs, the suspended player may serve the balance of the suspension with their affiliated/rostered team in its ALLIANCE Playdowns or League Playoffs.  The players name must be recorded on the game sheet of their affiliated/rostered team as a suspended player. This player would now become a member of their affiliated/rostered team and forfeit the right to play for their originally rostered/registered team for the balance of the current season.