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20.1   ALLIANCE Hockey Policy on Video Review


1.   The ALLIANCE Executive Director may, of his own accord or at the request of a member minor hockey association, review a video record of any ALLIANCE sanctioned game for any event


a)   which resulted in the referee assessing a penalty for which an automatic suspension of three (3) games or more is required;

b)   warranting a suspension of any player or team official for three (3) games or more;

c)   warranting a suspension of any game official; or

d)   involving an injury.  (An injury report must accompany the video, if a player is not injured on a non-call a review will not take place

e)   non call that warrants a Match Penalty


2.   If the review is done by the Executive Director of his own accord, the review is subject to such process as the Executive Director deems appropriate.


3.   If the review is done by the Executive Director at the request of a member minor hockey association, the following process applies:


a)   The review request must be submitted to the ALLIANCE office in writing within forty-eight (48) hours of the completion of the game, along with


i.     a  copy of the complete  game  sheet  (both sides of all sheets);

ii.    a copy of the video record of the entire game, or such substantial part of the entire game as is available;

iii.   a cheque / money order / bank draft payable to ALLIANCE Hockey for One Hundred and Fifty ($150) (non refundable) per incident to cover the review fee.

b)   The Executive Director shall review the video record in a timely manner and may do any or all of the following

i.     set aside any penalty assessed by the referee which resulted
in an automatic suspension of three (3) games or more;
ii.    assess any appropriate penalty, suspension and/or supplementary suspension (including  substituted  or additional penalties) for any infraction committed during the course of such game or during the aftermath of such game by any player or team official whether or not such infraction has been penalized by the referee;
iii.   refer the matter to the ALLIANCE Discipline Committee for hearing;
iv refer any  game official  to  the  Technica Director (Officiating) for resolution purposes;
v.    dismiss the review request.

c)   The Executive Director shall  consult with the Technical Director (Officials), and may consult with the game officials and any other person he deems proper during the course of the review.


d)   The standard of review to be used by the Executive Director in addressing a review request under items 1 (a) and (b) above is “conclusiveness” (ie. the video record under review must con- clusively show that the referees in-game  determination  was incorrect).


e)   The Executive Director  shall notify all affected parties of his decision in writing and in a summary manner.  No decision involving  a player or team official shall affect the outcome of


i.     the game as played,  or
ii.    any game played after the game giving rise to the review and before the release of the decision of the Executive Director


but shall otherwise be treated as if such decision had been made during the course of the game by the referee.


f)    Reasons for the Executive Directors decision are not required to be given.


4.   Reference in this Policy to the Executive Director includes the Executive Director and/or his designate.

ALLIANCE Manual of Operations
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