6.0 AAA Zone Policy, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1   The ALLIANCE Executive Committee may designate a geographic area as a AAA Zone.


.2   A "AAA” Zone should be composed of a geographic area that has a population of approximately 100,000 within the designated Zone.


.3   Players that have their residence outside the designated Zone but would otherwise qualify to play with a centre that is situated within the "AAA” Zone may also be eligible to play "AAA” hockey within the Zone.


.4   The ALLIANCE recommends  that "AAA“ Zones should  establish  a Zone Operations  Committee  and each centre  in the Zone should ensure that they have a representative on this Committee. It is also recommended that the Zone Operations Committee should meet at least twice yearly, once prior to commencement of try-outs to ensure that adequate ice-time  is available, establish and/or review operational budgets and other administrative procedures and meet again once the season  is complete  to deal with any problems well in advance of the next season.




.1   No player shall be registered as a member  of a “AAA”  Zone team unless such player is also a resident of a centre within the designated "zone" area or has obtained an OHF waiver  from his residential zone.


.2   All players must register with the Zone Operations Committee and provide proof of eligibility prior to try-outs with the "AAA" Zone team. If a Centre or Zone is unable to provide a representative team at the AAA level for which a player is eligible by age and residency, the player after first registering with the Centre or Zone and attending the scheduled tryouts may be granted permission from ALLIANCE Hockey to:


Try out for a team in his own age division in the next adjacent Centre or Zone from his residence which can provide him with hockey at the AAA level. Such permission shall be for one (1) season only and will be communicated in writing by the Centre or Zone that is unable to provide a AAA team.


.3   An eligible player may try out only for the "AAA” Zone team in their designated "zone” area, subject to appeal to the Disputes Resolution Committee of the OHF.

.4   "AAA” Zone teams must register and sign HC player cards by September 15th.


.5   The  Zone Operations  Committee  is  to  provide, on or  before September 15th, each "home centre" with a list by team, of all signed players and all unsuccessful players that attended try-outs for a Zone "AAA"  team.


.6   The Zone Operating Committee will provide the ALLIANCE Executive Director, on or before September 18th, with a list of all signed players listed by team and denoting the player's "home centre", as well as a  list of all unsuccessful  players  and their "home  centre”. The ALLIANCE Executive Director will forward a copy of this list to the OMHA Executive Director for distribution to affected OMHA “home centres".


.7   Any player that a  "AAA” Zone team wishes to  sign after the September 15th date can only do so with the agreement of the "home centre”, subject to appeal to the OHF Appeals Committee.


.8   A player that is to be released by the "AAA” Zone team back to the "home centre” after September 15th requires the agreement of the "home centre".


.9   A player requesting his release back to the "home centre" must do so, in writing, prior to November 1st.


.10 There will be no movement of players after November 1st, unless it is in the best interests of  the player, and agreed  to  by the Parent(s)/Guardian(s),  Zone Operating Committee, and the “home centre”, subject to appeal to the Disputes Resolution Committee of the OHF.




.1   All releases for "AAA” Zone players going to a Junior or higher division team must be signed by the President and Secretary of the "home centre” as well as the President and Secretary of the Zone Operating Committee.   Any and all  "Development  Fees", including draft monies, present and future, will be divided between the "home centre" and the "AAA" Zone organization based on a pro rata basis as to the number of seasons played for each.