3.0 AAA Zones, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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3.0     AAA ZONES


.1   AAA zones may be established by the ALLIANCE at the request of the centres affected.  The zone is a geographical   area within which a group of centres may wish to combine to operate AAA teams U10 to U18The ALLIANCE Board of Directors reserves the right to re-align, reduce, consolidate, or expand Zones in full consultation with all concerned Centres and Zones.

.2   Players from centres outside the ALLIANCE but who were within  the geographic boundary area that made up a zone such as Waterloo and Cambridge or from other centres who subsequently allow their players to try out for such AAA Zone teams may of their own free will and at their own discretion tryout for that AAA zone. Any of these players not making AAA must return to their own home centre.