Article Fifteen - Executive Director, Constitutional By-Laws, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

PrintArticle Fifteen - Executive Director


.1   The ALLIANCE shall employ an Executive Director to administer the business of the ALLIANCE.


15.2   DUTIES:

.1   His/her duties shall include, but not necessarily be restricted to, keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of the ALLIANCE and a register  of the member minor hockey associations, teams of the Association  and honorary life members, preparing  schedules for playdowns in concert with anyone appointed by the Representative Council and Recreational Council to assist him/her and notifying all teams accordingly; and shall conduct such other business as necessary for the well-being of the ALLIANCE.

.2   He/she shall receive the minutes of all Standing Committees from the appropriate chairperson and distribute them to all members of the Executive Committee and the Representative Council and Recreational Council.

.3   The office of the Executive Director shall prepare the paper work for the payment of all accounts.


15.3   BONDING:

.1   The Executive Director shall be bonded in an appropriate amount at the expense of the ALLIANCE.



.1   The ALLIANCE, through  the office of the Executive Director,  shall receive and certify all qualified rosters submitted on behalf of the players applying for registration in the ALLIANCE; and shall keep a register of all players in the ALLIANCE.


15.5   TROPHIES:

.1   The Executive Director shall be, for all intents and purposes, the legal holder of the trophies in trust for the ALLIANCE.