Article Twenty - Definitions / Acronyms, Constitutional By-Laws, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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AAA Waiver:  Written permission by a AAA club to permit a player to try out and register with a AAA club, which is adjacent to the club for which the player is eligible by residence.  (The signing officers of the AAA club can only issue AAA waivers.)


AAA Zone:  A geographic subdivision made up of several centres for the purpose of providing AAA category hockey.


Additional Entry:  A category whereby an additional team from a centre that already has a team entered in an age division.


Affiliate Player (AP): Refers to a player who participates with a team other than the team with whom they are registered, in accordance with HC, OHF and ALLIANCE Affiliation Regulations.


Affiliation: The process allowing teams the opportunity to dress the maximum number of players allowable in accordance with HC Playing Rules.


Age Division (Division):  Age groups within the ALLIANCE for competition. Examples: Senior, Junior, U21, U18, U15, U13, U11, U9.


Age Sub Division (Sub Division):  Age groups within divisions. Examples: U16, U14, U12, U10, and U7.


Association:  A local Hockey Organization operated and controlled by a duly elected Board of Directors, the members of which shall designate from among themselves the signing officers of that club.


Automatic Suspension:  The suspensions incurred from game misconducts, gross misconducts or match penalties as per the OHF Minimum Suspension List.

BB & B: A category of minor hockey which defines programs that are above select hockey and are competitive (i.e. AAA, AA, A). Players do not register with a House League Team/Program.


Branch:  A member of Hockey Canada (HC). The OHF is the recognized HC branch within the jurisdiction of the OHF as defined by the HC Constitution.


Branch Championship:    An OHF sanctioned series or tournament to declare champions of the OHF at the age divisions and categories as determined by the OHF Board of Directors.


Category:  A centres level of competition e.g. AAA, AA, A, BB-B, Select, House League, etc.


Centre:  A recognized Hockey Organization within the ALLIANCE.


Ex-Officio: A person who is either appointed or elected to any committee or body of the ALLIANCE, but does not have voting authority. They can participate in the discussions and have observer status.


Geographic Subdivision:  Includes a city, town, municipality, police village, rural area, or a zone as established by the OHF, ALLIANCE or an OHF Member Partner for the purpose of organizing competition.


Home Centre: For minor hockey, a program for which a player is eligible to participate in by residence or other Regulations.


House League/Recreational:  A community oriented minor hockey program structured to provide development and competition at a recreational level.


Inter-Branch:  Activity between two or more member Branches of HC. (i.e. OHF and Hockey Nova Scotia).


Majority: Any legitimate motion requiring more than a majority  vote, requires for its adoption only a majority;  that is, more than half of the votes cast, ignoring blanks, at a legal meeting where a quorum is present, unless a larger vote for its adoption is required by the rules of the assembly.


2/3 Majority: A two-thirds vote means two-thirds of the votes cast, ignoring blanks. This must not be confused with a vote of two-thirds of the members present, or two-thirds of the members, terms sometimes used in by-laws. To illustrate the difference: Suppose 14 members vote on a question in a meeting  of a society  where 20 are present out of a total membership of 70, a two-thirds  vote would be 10; a two-thirds  vote of the members present would be 14; and a vote of two-thirds of the members would be 49.


Member: (New) Minor Hockey Associations and any other members as defined under article 4.


Official Game Report: The official report of the activity from a sanctioned game verified by team officials from each competing team and signed at the completion of the game by the on ice officials.


On Ice Officials:  Refers to the Referee and/or Linesman.


On Ice Sanctioned Activity:  Refers to training, practice or game competition involving members that are conducted within facilities used for ice hockey.


Paid Employee:  A paid employee is any staff person or volunteer that is paid an annual salary, part-time wage or annual honorarium for work undertaken on behalf of either the ALLIANCE or a member association, with the exception of referee appointees to various ALLIANCE bodies.


Participant:  Is any person registered to the Minor Hockey ALLIANCE of Ontario through any of the Member Associations.


Release:  The unconditional release of a player from a team authorized by the official signing officers of that team/association/club.  HC, OHF, ALLIANCE, or OHF Member Partner has the right, at its discretion, to place conditions on a release as per HC Regulations.


Resource  Person:     A  person assigned  by the ALLIANCE  Executive Director to provide support to an ALLIANCE Committee  or other body, ranging from being a resource person on technical considerations, to taking and distributing minutes, following up on required meeting actions, etc.


Roster Sheets: Form of which ALLIANCE Hockey can issue approval for play.


Sanction: Approval by Member Partner or Branch or HC.


Select Hockey: A category of minor hockey which in order to be eligible, a player must be registered with a recognized (sanctioned) house league organization and accordingly be an active participant in the corresponding house league in a recognized (sanctioned)  schedule of house league programming.


Supplemental Discipline:  Penalties imposed to members in addition to any minimum requirements in accordance with the powers vested in HC, OHF and  the ALLIANCE, either through  a separate investigation  and/or hearing.


Suspended Game: A scheduled game that is interrupted due to an act of God or other reasons as determined by a Member Partner.


Suspension: The loss of an individuals right to participate in sanctioned activities of HC, OHF or ALLIANCE.


Team:  A group of team officials, at least one of whom must be a coach, and a group of registered players, at least one of whom must be a goaltender (except in U13 and below) who are qualified in a division  and category under the OHF or ALLIANCE Regulations  up to the maximum number provided by HC Regulations.


Team Officials:  All or any of the following persons involved in the management of a team and includes coach, trainer, manager and any assistant coach, assistant trainer or assistant manager.


Tournament: A schedule of games played among three (3) or more teams that follows an interlocking schedule that leads to an eventual winner.


Tryout: An official sanctioned activity of a team for the purpose of player evaluation and team selection.


Volunteer: An individual who provides services, on behalf of or at the discretion of a member in relation to the members operations, without receiving monetary compensation for such services.


20.2   ACRONYMS:




BNQ Bureau de Normalization de Quebec


CAC Coaching Association of Canada


CCAA Canadian College Athletic Association


CIS Canadian Interuniversity Sport

CSA Canadian Standards Association

GTHL Greater Toronto Hockey League


HC Hockey Canada


HCIP Hockey Canada Initiation Program

HCOP Hockey Canada Officiating Program

HTO Hockey Trainers Ontario

IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation

ITP Independent Third Party

NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association

NCCP National Coach Certification Program

NCMP National Coach Mentorship Program

NOHA Northern Ontario Hockey Association

OHA Ontario Hockey Association

Ontario Hockey Federation


OHL Ontario Hockey League


OMHA Ontario Minor Hockey Association

OWHA Ontario Women's Hockey Association

RIS Respect in Sport

UCCMS Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport