25.0 Registration of Team Officials and Participation in Hockey Games, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print25.0 Registration of Team Officials and Participation in Hockey Games



.1       Team officials participants are designated as Coach, Trainer, Assistant Coach, Manager, Assistant Trainer and Assistant Manager.


.2       Each team registered in the ALLIANCE on HC/ALLIANCE Hockey approved rosters must have registered at least two persons separately as a coach and a trainer qualified as outlined in Rule 26.


.3       After the coach and trainer positions are filled a third team official may be added on a HC/ALLIANCE Hockey Roster as a manager If a team wishes to add additional persons they will be designated as assistant coach on the HC/ALLIANCE Hockey Roster and/or assistant trainer and/or assistant manager on the HC/ALLIANCE Hockey Roster.


.4       Every ALLIANCE approved team roster must have on the bench at the start of and during the game, unless ejected from the game a certified and registered coach and trainer. In addition, other qualified and registered officials of that team may sign the game sheet and be on the bench at the start of and during the game. There shall be no more than five (5) team officials signed to the game sheet and on the bench during a game.


.5       Associations that wish to  use goalie coaches instructors, etc. must register the individuals as “coaches  at large”. Individuals that are not registered as “coaches at large” will not have HC Insurance Coverage during events.


.6       The person signed to the HC/ALLIANCE Hockey approved roster as the head coach of the team must sign the game sheet in the coachs spot only and may not sign as any other team official. Failure to comply with this rule by the coach shall carry a one game suspension in addition to any other suspension he/she may have received had they signed properly as the coach.

.7       Team officials must ensure that all league commitments are met.  Any team failing to meet their year end schedule deadline will face the automatic suspension of all team officials carded to that team until such time as their league commitments have been met.