25.0 ALLIANCE Hockey Policy on Dressing Room Supervision, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print25.0 ALLIANCE Hockey Policy on Dressing Room Supervision
Adopted from the Ontario Hockey Federation Policy on Dressing Room Supervision

Dressing Room Policy
To provide a safe and comfortable dressing room environment with proper supervision for the player and team officials.  It will be the Policy of ALLIANCE Hockey that, when any player under the age of 18 is in the team dressing room(s) before, during and after a game or practice, a minimum of two (2) of the following shall be present in the dressing room(s) or immediately outside the dressing room(s) with the door ajar; two (2) team or club/Association officials, properly screened or one such official and an adult person associated with the team.

In the situation of Juvenile or U21 hockey the coach may use an adult player over the age of 19 to be the second adult associated with the team.

Any person found to be in violation of this policy will receive a warning for the first offence, a two-week suspension for a second offence, and a one-year suspension for a third offence.

1.  This policy does not apply to a participant and his/her parent or legal guardian.
2.  This policy to include "tryouts".