13.0 ALLIANCE Hockey Dressing Room Policy, Policies, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print13.0 ALLIANCE Hockey Dressing Room Policy

13.1   Players (As per the OHF Dressing Room Policy)


It is the policy of the OHF that from U10 and down, mixed genders may change in the same room, at the same time, in the presence of two (2) properly screened adults as set forth by the OHF policies on the 10 Steps. Players U13 and higher may not change in the same room at the same time and it is the responsibility of the Coach to ensure all are involved in both pre-game and post-game activities.


13.2   Officials (As per the OHF Dressing Room Policy)


Male and female Officials may not change or shower in the same room at the same time. If separate facilities are not available, each party is expected to manage the risk appropriately.


13.3   Cell/Camera Phones


The use of cell phones and cameras shall be prohibited in all minor hockey dressing rooms (cell phones shall be used in case of emergency only).

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