Article Eleven - Regional Vice-Presidents, Constitutional By-Laws, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

PrintArticle Eleven - Regional Vice-Presidents


.1   The Regional Vice President fulfils a senior leadership role in the ALLIANCE. This position is an elected, volunteer position.
.2   The Regional Vice President is elected by the membership in their region, and is an Officer of the ALLIANCE and a member of the Executive Committee.
.3   The Regional Vice President facilitates the development and success of ALLIANCE programs and activities within their Region. The Regional Vice Presidents also assume various duties assigned by the President including representation to other hockey organizations.
.4   As an elected official, the Regional Vice President is accountable to the membership at large. For ALLIANCE Executive purposes, the Regional Vice President reports to the President.
.5   The position is for a two (2) year term.




.1   Must have served at least one (1) of the last two (2) years on the Representative Council or Recreational Council or as an Executive member of an ALLIANCE Minor Hockey Association.

.2   Regional Vice Presidents shall not serve in any capacity with a member association while holding office.


.1   Extensive minor hockey organizational experience at all levels

.2   Knowledge of ALLIANCE, OHF and HC rules and regulations

.3   Management and supervisory skills

.4   Leadership, facilitation and decisiveness

.5   Strong communication and interpersonal skills

.6   Dispute resolution skills