10.0 Rescheduling, Cancellations and Forfeits, Structure, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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10.1 Advanced Rescheduling of Games:

.1  When a centre/zone wishes to change the date of a game for any reason other than an emergency, the change must be made a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance of the scheduled date to a mutually agreeable date prior to that originally scheduled. The Home Team Ice Scheduler is responsible for posting the game change online within twenty-four (24) hours of the initial change.

10.2 Process for Rescheduling of

.1  The decision to cancel or reschedule a game to another date will be made as soon as possible, by contacting the Ice Scheduler in each association.

If a mutually agreed upon cancellation or reschedule date can- not be decided upon by the two Ice Schedulers, the Chair of the Structure Committee should be contacted immediately. The Chair will assess the situation and determine the outcome or at the Chairs discretion, contact the Members of the Structure Committee for a Committee decision.

No person shall be granted the authority to cancel or reschedule games apart from the Ice Scheduler and the Structure Committee.

10.3 Forfeits:

.1   There will be no forfeits or defaulting of games unless determined by the ALLIANCE Hockey Structure Committee.

.2   For games where a team fails to show through no fault of either one of the teams as determined by the ALLIANCE
Hockey Structure Committee
, a new game will be rescheduled.

10.4 Cost of Canceling Games:

.1  Centres/Zones canceling games on an on-going basis, within a seventy-two(72)hour period for whatever reasons 
(including 10.3)with the exception of last minute weather implications, maybe subject to the costs of staging the
game (i.e. ice time and game officials) if an agreement for rescheduling the game cannot be reached between the 

.2   If a game is cancelled/cannot be played due to a Facility issue, i.e. power outage, ice-resurfacing issue, etc. the
costs of staging the game (which may include ice time, game officials, etc.) will be the responsibility of the Home
Centre.  Costs associated with travel will not be the responsibility of the Home Centre.

10.5 Cancellations Due to Weather Conditions:

.1  In cases of adverse weather conditions, the decision to post- pone and reschedule the game to another date will be made as soon as possible.

Games cannot be cancelled more than ninety (90) minutes prior to the expected departure of a team to their host destination.

Teams must be prepared to travel to each game until a game has been “officially” cancelled by their ice scheduler.

The contact person in each Association is responsible for decisions re: inclement weather, and/or the ice schedulers.

In the case where a conflict should occur regarding the cancellation/rescheduling of a game, the Chair of the Structure Committee should be contacted immediatelyThe Chair shall assess the situation, make a final decision or contact the Structure Committee for further consultation until a final decision is reached.

If a game is cancelled because of weather conditions during League Playoffs or ALLIANCE Playoff or Play-down series, and cannot be rescheduled in sequence, the series will continue with the next game in the signed contract. The weather lost game, if needed, will be inserted by the ice-schedulers in the contract in the first available time. If this not possible, the game will be played at the end of the series.

When a situation like the above occurs, the following people are to be contacted in the following order:

.1  Association Ice Scheduler

.2  Council Representative

.3  Executive Member of Local Association

.4  ALLIANCE Hockey Executive Member Regional Representative

.5  ALLIANCE Hockey Structure Committee Chair

.6  ALLIANCE Hockey Structure Committee Vice-Chair

.7  ALLIANCE Hockey Executive Director

10.6 Failure to Show Defaulting Intentionally Without Just Cause:

.1  A team that fails to show intentionally or without just cause may lose the two (2) points associated with the default. Decision for this default process will be at the discretion of the Structure Committee.

An ALLIANCE team defaulting any game, without just cause as deemed by the ALLIANCE may also be barred from further play.

The defaulting team may also be assessed costs and/or the defaulting organizations and all of its team may be suspended.

Teams that qualify or register for ALLIANCE Hockey House League, House League Select and BB-B Championships but decide not to participate will be fined the registration fee for the respective Championship.

10.7 Game Suspended Re: Lack of Players:

.1  A game suspended because one team cannot continue due to a lack of players on the ice will be awarded to the non-offending team.

If neither team can continue due to lack of players, the game will stand as it was at the point of suspension.