40.0 Participation of Ineligible Participants, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

Print40.0 Participation of Ineligible Participants



.1       Any player or team official who signs the game sheet and/or participates in the game and is ineligible will cause their team to forfeit the game regardless of the score of the game and the Head Coach (or designated team official)  on the game report will be suspended for three (3) games.  The non-offending team shall be awarded the two (2) points for the game. In ALLIANCE Playdowns the points will be awarded and the series will continue as per the contract. In a situation where ineligible players or team officials from both teams participate in the same game, the score of the game will stand and the two (2) points will be awarded to the winning team. For the outcome of a game to be reversed a protest must be filed with ALLIANCE Hockey as per ALLIANCE Protest Regulations.


.2       If a player or team official participates in a game while under suspension (ineligible participation), the Head Coach (or designated team official on the game report) will be suspended for three (3) games. The suspended player or team official must serve their original suspension in addition to any other suspension(s) they may have received in the game.


.3       For a second offence during the current season the team official shall be suspended indefinitely pending an ALLIANCE hearing.


.4       Any player or team official who incurs a penalty  at any time before, during or after a game when an offence is committed on or off the ice, shall be assessed at least the minimum  suspension(s) contained in the OHF Minimum Suspension List as adopted by the Ontario Hockey Federation Board of Directors.  The suspensions levied for infractions when they occur before or after the game will be assessed as if they had occurred in the last ten (10) minutes of the third period including overtime.


.5       When a game has to be overturned and the score reversed with the Non Offending team receiving two (2) points the score will be 5-0. In a situation  when the reversal of the score impacts other teams, ie: Tournaments, Round Robin League and Play-off com- petition the score will be the goals scored for the non-offending team minus one (1) for the offending team.


Example: Offending team wins 5-3, with the game reversal the score would now be 3-2.