Coach 1 - Intro to Coach (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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The NCCP in-class and on-ice portions of the Coach 1 - Intro Coach Clinic have been designed to offer coaches across Canada with a consistent and practical approach to their coach clinic experience. The goal of the face-to-face clinic is to enhance the delegate’s on-line training experience with Hockey University.  The four main components are:

-On Ice Safety and Teaching Tips
Puck Control
Small Area Games 

The NCCP Coaching clinic is designed with the following key messages:

1. Keep Them Safe and Keep Them Moving

The number one responsibility of the coach and his or her staff is to provide a safe environment for their players.  It is important that minor hockey coaches understand the importance of on ice safety not only with respect to the on ice environment, but also with respect to teaching and skill practice execution.


2. Emphasize The Fundamentals
Practices that focus on Team Play over execution of fundamental skills cheat participants out of the chance to learn the game properly.

3. Incorporate Progressive Skill Development For Every Participant

The following are some general observations of youth sports as stated in the Long Term Player Development Plan:

-Young athletes under-train, over-compete; low training to competition ratios in the early years

-Training in the early years focuses on outcomes (winning) rather than processes (optimal training)
-Poor training between 6-16 years of age cannot be fully corrected (athletes will never reach genetic potential)

According to LTPD experts, it takes 10,000 hours or 10 years to master a skill.
  The ages of 9 – 12 are the most important for skill acquisition, it is during this time period that the skills included in the Hockey Canada Specialty Clinics need to be repeated consistently.  To that end, specialty clinic skills were chosen so that a coaches can work on these skills until a reasonable level of mastery is achieved before moving on to more advanced skills. 


Who Should Attend?
Please refer to the ALLIANCE Hockey Minimum Requirements for Coaching Chart also called “Appendix A” in the ALLIANCE Hockey Handbook or Clinic Information to see what coaching requirements are right for you.

The Coach 1 - Intro to Coach Training consists of two components:
1) Hockey University - Online Modules
2) Intro To Coach Clinic (in-class course work and on-ice Specialty Skills Session)

The Coach will first complete the Hockey Canada Hockey University E-Learning Modules (1-12) online. Upon completion of these online modules, a Coach will register for a Coach 1 - Intro to Coach Clinic which will consist of a 3 hour Classroom Session and 1.5 hour On-Ice Session.