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Peewee Playoff (Feb 02-Mar 15)
TeamGPWLTPtsW %GFGAGF %Last 10Streak
1West London Hawks12912200.83364240.7277-1-2TIED 1
2Oakridge Aeros12822180.75037260.5878-0-2TIED 1
3London Bandits Black12732160.66755270.6715-3-2TIED 1
4London Bandits Orange12651130.54246360.5615-4-1TIED 1
5Sarnia Jr. Sting1238170.29224580.2933-6-1TIED 1
6North London Nationals1228260.25031400.4372-7-1LOST 4
7Stratford Warriors12210040.16714600.1891-9-0LOST 8
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
WPPO21Feb 027:15 PMWest London6-2OakridgeOakridge
WPPO08Feb 047:30 PMOakridge2-5London OrangeNichols (B)
WPPO28Feb 0712:00 PMStratford2-1SarniaSarnia Arena
WPPO14Feb 071:45 PMLondon Black3-2North LondonCarling (B)
WPPO10Feb 077:30 PMWest London6-3London OrangeNichols (B)
WPPO19Feb 087:00 PMStratford0-3OakridgeOakridge
WPPO23Feb 097:15 PMNorth London2-2OakridgeOakridge
WPPO34Feb 116:30 PMLondon Black10-2StratfordRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO07Feb 117:00 PMNorth London1-2London OrangeNichols (A)
WPPO06Feb 138:00 PMLondon Orange1-5London BlackNichols (A)
WPPO27Feb 1412:00 PMWest London8-1SarniaSarnia Arena
WPPO17Feb 143:00 PMStratford2-1North LondonCarling (A)
WPPO16Feb 157:00 PMSarnia1-4North LondonCarling (A)
WPPO33Feb 186:30 PMLondon Orange8-1StratfordRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO30Feb 2112:00 PMOakridge6-2SarniaSarnia Arena
WPPO40Feb 215:45 PMNorth London3-3West LondonKinsmen Arena (A)
WPPO12Feb 216:00 PMStratford1-7London OrangeNichols (B)
WPPO22Feb 226:15 PMLondon Black2-3OakridgeOakridge
WPPO20Feb 237:00 PMSarnia2-5OakridgeOakridge
WPPO32Feb 256:30 PMOakridge1-0StratfordRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO09Feb 257:00 PMLondon Black6-2London OrangeNichols (A)
WPPO37Feb 267:45 PMSarnia0-7West LondonKinsmen Arena (B)
WPPO02Feb 277:30 PMStratford3-5London BlackArgyle (B)
WPPO25Feb 2812:00 PMNorth London4-5SarniaSarnia Arena
WPPO41Feb 285:45 PMStratford1-11West LondonKinsmen Arena (A)
WPPO03Mar 015:30 PMSarnia0-9London BlackWestern Fair (Harvey's)
WPPO24Mar 015:30 PMLondon Orange1-2OakridgeOakridge
WPPO31Mar 036:30 PMNorth London6-1StratfordRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO11Mar 057:00 PMSarnia3-8London OrangeNichols (A)
WPPO04Mar 058:00 PMWest London4-3London BlackNichols (B)
WPPO15Mar 067:30 PMWest London5-3North LondonStronach (B)
WPPO26Mar 0712:00 PMLondon Orange2-3SarniaSarnia Arena
WPPO39Mar 074:30 PMOakridge3-2West LondonKinsmen Arena (A)
WPPO35Mar 083:00 PMSarnia4-1StratfordAllman
WPPO13Mar 088:00 PMOakridge6-2North LondonCarling (A)
WPPO38Mar 106:30 PMLondon Black1-5West LondonKinsmen Arena (B)
WPPO18Mar 108:30 PMLondon Orange3-2North LondonCarling (B)
WPPO36Mar 116:30 PMWest London3-0StratfordRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO01Mar 117:30 PMOakridge2-2London BlackNichols (B)
WPPO05Mar 137:30 PMNorth London1-7London BlackArgyle (B)
WPPO29Mar 1412:00 PMLondon Black2-2SarniaSarnia Arena
WPPO42Mar 145:45 PMLondon Orange4-4West LondonKinsmen Arena (A)
All Scheduled Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
WPPO21Feb 027:15 PMWest London Hawks6-2Oakridge AerosOakridge
WPPO08Feb 047:30 PMOakridge Aeros2-5London Bandits OrangeNichols (B)
WPPO28Feb 0712:00 PMStratford Warriors2-1Sarnia Jr. StingSarnia Arena
WPPO14Feb 071:45 PMLondon Bandits Black3-2North London NationalsCarling (B)
WPPO10Feb 077:30 PMWest London Hawks6-3London Bandits OrangeNichols (B)
WPPO19Feb 087:00 PMStratford Warriors0-3Oakridge AerosOakridge
WPPO23Feb 097:15 PMNorth London Nationals2-2Oakridge AerosOakridge
WPPO34Feb 116:30 PMLondon Bandits Black10-2Stratford WarriorsRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO07Feb 117:00 PMNorth London Nationals1-2London Bandits OrangeNichols (A)
WPPO06Feb 138:00 PMLondon Bandits Orange1-5London Bandits BlackNichols (A)
WPPO27Feb 1412:00 PMWest London Hawks8-1Sarnia Jr. StingSarnia Arena
WPPO17Feb 143:00 PMStratford Warriors2-1North London NationalsCarling (A)
WPPO16Feb 157:00 PMSarnia Jr. Sting1-4North London NationalsCarling (A)
WPPO33Feb 186:30 PMLondon Bandits Orange8-1Stratford WarriorsRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO30Feb 2112:00 PMOakridge Aeros6-2Sarnia Jr. StingSarnia Arena
WPPO40Feb 215:45 PMNorth London Nationals3-3West London HawksKinsmen Arena (A)
WPPO12Feb 216:00 PMStratford Warriors1-7London Bandits OrangeNichols (B)
WPPO22Feb 226:15 PMLondon Bandits Black2-3Oakridge AerosOakridge
WPPO20Feb 237:00 PMSarnia Jr. Sting2-5Oakridge AerosOakridge
WPPO32Feb 256:30 PMOakridge Aeros1-0Stratford WarriorsRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO09Feb 257:00 PMLondon Bandits Black6-2London Bandits OrangeNichols (A)
WPPO37Feb 267:45 PMSarnia Jr. Sting0-7West London HawksKinsmen Arena (B)
WPPO02Feb 277:30 PMStratford Warriors3-5London Bandits BlackArgyle (B)
WPPO25Feb 2812:00 PMNorth London Nationals4-5Sarnia Jr. StingSarnia Arena
WPPO41Feb 285:45 PMStratford Warriors1-11West London HawksKinsmen Arena (A)
WPPO03Mar 015:30 PMSarnia Jr. Sting0-9London Bandits BlackWestern Fair (Harvey's)
WPPO24Mar 015:30 PMLondon Bandits Orange1-2Oakridge AerosOakridge
WPPO31Mar 036:30 PMNorth London Nationals6-1Stratford WarriorsRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO11Mar 057:00 PMSarnia Jr. Sting3-8London Bandits OrangeNichols (A)
WPPO04Mar 058:00 PMWest London Hawks4-3London Bandits BlackNichols (B)
WPPO15Mar 067:30 PMWest London Hawks5-3North London NationalsStronach (B)
WPPO26Mar 0712:00 PMLondon Bandits Orange2-3Sarnia Jr. StingSarnia Arena
WPPO39Mar 074:30 PMOakridge Aeros3-2West London HawksKinsmen Arena (A)
WPPO35Mar 083:00 PMSarnia Jr. Sting4-1Stratford WarriorsAllman
WPPO13Mar 088:00 PMOakridge Aeros6-2North London NationalsCarling (A)
WPPO38Mar 106:30 PMLondon Bandits Black1-5West London HawksKinsmen Arena (B)
WPPO18Mar 108:30 PMLondon Bandits Orange3-2North London NationalsCarling (B)
WPPO36Mar 116:30 PMWest London Hawks3-0Stratford WarriorsRotary Complex (Molson)
WPPO01Mar 117:30 PMOakridge Aeros2-2London Bandits BlackNichols (B)
WPPO05Mar 137:30 PMNorth London Nationals1-7London Bandits BlackArgyle (B)
WPPO29Mar 1412:00 PMLondon Bandits Black2-2Sarnia Jr. StingSarnia Arena
WPPO42Mar 145:45 PMLondon Bandits Orange4-4West London HawksKinsmen Arena (A)
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West Peewee Standings
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