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Recent Games
Game #DateTimeAwayScoreHomeVenue
EMM65Sep 162:30 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White0-2Sarnia StingClearwater (Red)
EMM46Sep 166:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue5-2GLHA Jr Mustangs PurpleMedway
EMM19Sep 226:30 PMKitchener Jr Rangers1-2Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteSRIC (Red)
EMM12Sep 235:30 PMGLHA Jr Mustangs White0-5Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueWave Sports Centre
EMM43Sep 237:30 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White3-8Cambridge HawksGalt Arena
EMM57Sep 268:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue2-2Kitchener Jr RangersActiva (PJD)
EMM29Sep 293:30 PMSarnia Sting4-4Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteWave Sports Centre
EMM27Sep 301:30 PMWaterloo Wolves1-2Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteGateway (2)
EMM8Oct 063:30 PMLondon Jr Knights White2-2Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueWave Sports Centre
EMM68Oct 065:30 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White4-5St. Thomas Jr StarsJoe Thornton CC (STMHA)
EMM30Oct 066:40 PMKitchener Jr Rangers11-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM18Oct 071:20 PMLondon Jr Knights Green3-3Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteGateway (2)
EMM76Oct 134:15 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White4-2Woodstock Jr Navy VetsSouthwood (Red)
EMM50Oct 143:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White5-2GLHA Jr Mustangs WhiteArgyle (A)
EMM1Oct 178:15 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue5-5Brantford 99ersGretzky Center (#1)
EMM16Oct 203:30 PMWoodstock Jr Navy Vets2-6Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueWave Sports Centre
EMM48Oct 208:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue0-7GLHA Jr Mustangs PurpleMedway
EMM10Oct 2111:30 AMKitchener Jr Rangers2-2Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueGateway (2)
EMM34Oct 216:20 PMSt. Thomas Jr Stars7-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM67Oct 2712:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue0-8St. Thomas Jr StarsJoe Thornton CC (Presstran)
EMM6Oct 2811:00 AMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue4-2St. Thomas Jr StarsJoe Thornton CC (STMHA)
EMM26Oct 281:30 PMLondon Jr Knights White8-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteGateway (2)
EMM49Oct 285:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue4-1GLHA Jr Mustangs WhiteArgyle (A)
EMM31Oct 287:00 PMStratford Warriors13-1Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM44Nov 018:30 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White2-7Cambridge HawksPreston Aud
EMM9Nov 033:30 PMLondon Jr Knights Green2-3Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueWave Sports Centre
EMM21Nov 103:40 PMGLHA Jr Mustangs White2-4Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteSRIC (Blue)
EMM70Nov 106:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue0-16Stratford WarriorsRotary Complex (Rink A)
EMM36Nov 116:00 PMWaterloo Wolves8-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM78Nov 167:15 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue0-8Woodstock Jr Navy VetsSouthwood (Red)
EMM56Nov 177:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue0-15Kitchener Jr RangersActiva (Alumni)
EMM61Nov 177:15 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White1-3London Jr Knights WhiteNichols (C)
EMM13Nov 243:30 PMGLHA Jr Mustangs Purple1-3Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueWave Sports Centre
EMM59Nov 248:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White2-7London Jr Knights GreenNichols (A)
EMM11Nov 257:00 PMHamilton Huskies2-5Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM25Nov 257:15 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White2-5St. Thomas Jr StarsJoe Thornton CC (Presstran)
EMM55Nov 288:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White1-5Kitchener Jr RangersActiva (PJD)
EMM71Dec 016:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White2-7Stratford WarriorsRotary Complex (Rink A)
EMM69Dec 081:20 PMSt. Thomas Jr Stars2-5Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM15Dec 088:00 PMBrantford 99ers2-5Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM45Dec 138:30 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White2-8Cambridge HawksPreston Aud
EMM7Dec 153:30 PMSarnia Sting0-3Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueWave Sports Centre
EMM73Dec 153:30 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue0-7Waterloo WolvesRIM Park (Pillers)
EMM24Dec 158:00 PMBrantford 99ers2-4Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteSRIC (Blue)
EMM58Dec 164:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue4-3London Jr Knights GreenNichols (A)
EMM20Dec 167:00 PMHamilton Huskies2-4Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteSRIC (Blue)
EMM75Dec 223:30 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue0-8Waterloo WolvesRIM Park (Pillers)
EMM28Dec 223:30 PMWoodstock Jr Navy Vets Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteSRIC (Red)
EMM60Dec 226:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue1-4London Jr Knights GreenNichols (A)
EMM38Dec 231:30 PMCambridge Hawks3-1Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteGateway (2)
EMM22Jan 053:30 PMGLHA Jr Mustangs Purple6-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueWave Sports Centre
EMM33Jan 058:00 PMWoodstock Jr Navy Vets5-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM53Jan 066:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue1-10Hamilton HuskiesChedoke (Red)
EMM37Jan 128:00 PMBrantford 99ers10-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM47Jan 128:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White0-6GLHA Jr Mustangs PurpleMedway
EMM77Jan 135:15 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue1-3Woodstock Jr Navy VetsSouthwood (Red)
EMM17Jan 201:30 PMStratford Warriors4-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 WhiteGateway (2)
EMM74Jan 263:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White5-2Waterloo WolvesRIM Park (Pillers)
EMM41Jan 266:40 PMHamilton Huskies5-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM63Jan 268:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue1-3London Jr Knights WhiteNichols (A)
EMM5Jan 2712:00 PMStratford Warriors1-3Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueGateway (2)
EMM54Jan 276:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue4-0Hamilton HuskiesChedoke (Red)
EMM14Feb 023:50 PMCambridge Hawks1-3Burlington Jr. Cougars T1 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM40Feb 031:30 PMGLHA Jr Mustangs White9-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueGateway (2)
EMM72Feb 033:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 Blue0-5Stratford WarriorsAllman
EMM4Feb 036:00 PMWaterloo Wolves2-0Burlington Jr. Cougars T2 BlueSRIC (Blue)
EMM2Feb 068:15 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T1 White2-7Brantford 99ersGretzky Center (#1)
EMM51Feb 105:00 PMBurlington Jr. Cougars T2 Blue1-10GLHA Jr Mustangs WhiteArgyle (A)
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