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Minor Bantam - Wolves Sharing The Warmth
On December 7th the Waterloo Wolves Minor Bantam AA/A team gathered together at Chandler Mowat Community Centre. The Sharing the Warmth campaign was started to help provide support for those in the community in need of warm clothing for the winter.

The Minor Bantam AA/A and Major Peewee AA/A Wolves gathered an incredible amount of clothing donations from local families in the area. Every Thursday the Chandler-Mowat Community Center has 50+ families that attend the facility to receive donations to help support their homes. The Wolves sorted through all the clothing so those families could easily find everything they needed and make sure that everyone could keep warm in the cold weather.

To see all the generosity from the Wolves families was amazing. It's easy to take for granted things like food, clothing and a warm bed but when you realize that not everyone has those luxuries it makes you realize how fortunate we all are.

Thanks to everyone that helped support this event!

Happy Holidays,

Waterloo Wolves Minor Bantam AA/A
Waterloo Wolves Major Peewee AA/A





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