4.0 Player Tryouts and Player Return, Rules and Regulations, ALLIANCE Manual of Operations (Minor Hockey Alliance of Ontario)

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.1  When a player fails to make the AAA Zone team he/she must return to his/her home centre by September 17th each year. Players who are not from the host AAA Zone centre are not permitted to try-out for any representative team in a classification lower than AAA, except as indicated in Policy 18.0 ALLIANCOMHA Made in Ontario Agreement.

Try-out progression must be in accordance with OHF Regulation G Paragraph 2B. Tryouts at the AAA level must be
               completed within seven (7) days following the OHF Championships with successive tryouts at the AA and A levels to
                 follow. The timeframe commences on the first Monday following the completion of the OHF Minor Hockey
                 Championships.  The OHF Championships are conducted the weekend of the second Saturday in April each year. The
                 above applies to all levels of AAA hockey with the exception for U18. Tryouts at Seeded (AA and A) cannot start until
                 the seven (7) days of AAA tryouts have been completed.  BB-B tryouts can start at the completion of Seeded tryouts. 
                 In shared jurisdictions where there is a separate Seeded (AA-A) entity (i.e. London), AA tryouts must be completed in a
                 seven (7) day period before A tryouts can begin.

Ontario Hockey Federation and ALLIANCE Hockey Tryout Progression for U18 and Junior Hockey

Tryout Information as it pertains to 15 and 16-year old participants:

* 15-year olds are eligible to skate at the Provincial Jr. A and Jr. B level until September 9th
* Jr. C teams may only have local 16-year old players at their tryouts
* Local 16-year olds who participate at Jr. C are not eligible to affiliate with Jr. A and Jr. B teams
* 16-year olds who participate in U18 AAA hockey are eligible to affiliate for 10 games with a Jr. B or Jr. A team and may
           become permanent affiliates once eliminated from Playdowns

Tryout Progression for U18 Hockey:
Junior Teams must release the 16-year old players from their camps except for those they have signed, by the following dates:

Try-out Progression

* OHL must make decision on 16 year old's by Monday September 6th
* Jr B. and Jr A. by Friday September 10th
* Jr C. by Friday September 17th
* U18 tryouts run until Thursday September 23rd